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  1. I love this! This is great. Quick technical note, a dissolve implies passage of time. When you cut the interview together the shot reverse shot should be just straight cuts. No dissolves.
  2. That would be fun. I'm not an 'artist' artist but I can sketch.
  3. Yeah, but it didn't have that white boarder, did it? Mine doesn't have the white boarder. Edit: Oops, never mind. Saw it was the Quickstart rules. Going to go drink my morning coffee now....
  4. Yeah, Fight, Flight, Freeze is a common description of the effects of fear in general and several systems use it. His describes UA's rather involved system really well and even UA uses those three for the basic fear response. What I'm trying to change is the way it's invoked. Instead of me describing some nasty beastie and then saying 'roll for Fear' I want the PCs to be the ones to decide that the Fear effect is taking place. The PCs decide if the extra oomph they get from Fear is worth risking the possibility of an Affliction. Since Ravenloft is a setting about heroes against the d
  5. I’m constantly going back and forth about Fear and insanity. I’ve toyed around with a few systems and they all left me cold. They were either too invasive during game play or they sat in the background and were not used. Today I looked at an old character sheet and felt the itch to try it again. Fear This should be something both detrimental AND beneficial to the character. In addition, the player should have some choice in the matter in how Fear is affecting the character. At any point a player may declare that their character is in a state of Fear. When in a state of Fear, the pl
  6. This is only available via pdf or is there a printed book? I do believe I’m adding it to the collection! Edit: Never mind, I saw your comment at drivethru about getting to electrum. Here's one more purchase to get you there.
  7. Hey Simon, the Alchemy rules, is it just imbuing potions with spell effects or is it something more complex?
  8. Wait, is this post directed at me? I was specifically talking Mythras because RogerDee was talking Mythras. Doesn't matter the system, RQ2, RQ3, Elfquest, the BGB (which I'm listed as a play tester), Mythras, whatever. I've never liked Hit Locations. As I said, it may be an allergy.
  9. I assume this is using the Mournblade system and not BRP?
  10. Lords of Tarsa was really good too. Fractured Hopes had huge potential but was too short to due the setting justice.
  11. Elric!/Magic World characters are VERY durable as written without hit locations. Hit locations, action points, combat special effects, it all leaves me a bit cold. Why would I jump over to Mythras when I could use a system I like? I'm not saying that other people shouldn't enjoy it, just that I would rather start with a base that I feel is solid and add little bits from other systems as needed. It's really kind of sad because it's been a long time since I've looked forward to a BRP book coming out. There's only one situation that I've been tempted by hit locations. I've contemplated using
  12. I'm allergic to hit locations and while combat styles are a step in the right direction I'm not a huge fan of their implementation.
  13. I understand this opinion but I think it's more about how you set your power level. Granted, I began play with Elric! where characters are encouraged to have skills above 100%. When you pair them against the average town guardsmen, who would generally have 30-40% in skills, the PCs really shine. When they do get into a lethal situation it's usually because they worked themselves into it.
  14. That sounds great! I ran a short campaign using SuperWorld a few years ago but it was kinda tongue in cheek. We set it in the '80s cause that's what it was written for. If I remember correctly we generated characters completely randomly, but I may be misremembering on that. It was a great time. Anyway, welcome to the boards Superworld for Adults.
  15. Hey AG! Long time. Yeah, as opposed to something like Cthulhu where you are going to have multiple characters dip into insanity, I think I'd rather keep madness as a special case. I think I'd prefer madness to be the result of magic, a curse, the intervention of the Dark Powers, a trip to Vechor, a glamour from the fey in the shadowfell, stuff like that. I agree something like Dead Calm is a great approach to managing madness. I should probably work that into the Mesmerism ability.
  16. I agree and am happy to hear it backed up. These games seem to play out like a mixture of Hammer Horror, Fearless Vampire Slayers and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. If there was a madness system that worked well with that mix I would jump at it. Everything I've tried so far hasn't really worked well and I've been relatively happy with the normal fear that you mention in your post. D&D had a Fear, Horror, Madness check that was save v. paralyzation with a Wisdom modifier. If it was a fear check you just dropped what you had and ran. Horror checks had, like, six possible reactions
  17. I have an issue. I keep going back and forth on whether I want to include a Horror/Madness mechanic in this writeup. I have included one in the past based on Unknown Armies but I found it too intricate for Ravenloft. A simple mechanic like in Cthulhu would be better suited but I don't feel that the Sanity spiral is really thematic for gothic horror/adventure. I could adapt the one published with the various D&D Ravenloft materials but I find them all to be clunky. Another option is to just run Ravenloft without a Horror/Madness mechanic. Thoughts? Opinions?
  18. Add this to the second paragraph in the Dark Powers section. Just know that certain decisions made in game will garner your character Dark Power points. Actions have consequences in the Domains of Dread. Gaining too many Dark Power points attracts the attention of the Dark Powers. This is a dangerous path, for while it may offer up temporary power, the trade off may be your very humanity itself. Also fixed Brawn and Finesse.
  19. Ah yes. Maybe it should be sum. I'll change it. Here's some more to look at. The layout and the art is all just temporary stuff. I find it helps me when I can doodle on the page. As always, feedback is appreciated. BRP Ravenloft Making Characters domains and occupations.pdf
  20. Dark Power points are like Allegiance from Elric!. It measures how much of an interest the Dark Powers have taken in an adventurer. Some nasty things can happen when a character gains too many of them. Yes, Brawn and Finesse should be averages. I was playing around with a few tables. I guess I put the wrong one into the document! Creatures and encounters you'll have to wait on. Maps are coming with the expanded Domains, as are expanded occupation information and special abilities. I've also just started on an equipment document that is targeted to the setting. The current docum
  21. So, I'm hacking away at Ravenloft again. In this version I stripped out a lot of skills and I'm simplifying a few magic systems. I've changed combat a little bit as well. I also wanted to make the domain backgrounds meaningful though, so a good portion of my character creation document is going to be talking about the domains. This is only the first 8 pages and a character sheet. My expanded Domains and Occupations section is almost finished. I'll post them here when they are in a state to be posted. I'm still juggling the which occupations I want in which category. As always, I app
  22. This is great stuff! Keep up the good work.
  23. Yeah. Fast Talk is for short term gain and is used to confuse, take advantage or pressure people into doing something that may be against their best interest. It is also a quick skill and often will leave the person who you Fast Talked unhappy. Persuade involves laying out a position and trying to change a person's mind about their opinion or stance. This is a long term diplomatic skill and takes a longer time to accomplish. The person must be willing to listen to your words as well. Fast Talk and Persuade can both be used against individuals and groups. It's such a lovely word
  24. Jsnead gave me Nephilim rules that I understood. Actually, I'm not sure I understand. I want to do Highlander merged with Drawing Down the Moon with a dash of satanic symbols...
  25. Hate Strike Ranks. I use careful aim from Elric! I adjust it because I don't want to deal with the math. For every Dex/Int rank you delay you get a +10% bonus. If you want to rush an action you get a -5% per Dex/Int rank level. It works great without dealing with a secondary stat. Dex Ranks for life, baby!
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