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Exiles of Sartar: Campaign Log


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Exiles of Sartar

I'd like to share reports from an ongoing campaign of Questworlds.

In this campaign, the players are playing as members of the Tenth: a portion of the Maboder Tribe who were deported to Furthest in 1602 to secure peace with the Lunars. Over the campaign, we will explore how the Tenth adapt to their foreign home, as well as their experience returning to Sartar in 1625.

The main characters for the first year are:

  • Aralla Brightspear, the Proud Huntress, Apostate Sun-Domer, Initiate of Mal (Daughter of Yelmalio and Sedenya)
  • Taravor Wolflover, the Warrior, Exile from the Bright Hills Clan, Initiate of Humakt

We're currently playing-by-post over Discord, and we are using a simplified version of Questworlds. Every two weeks in real-world time corresponds to one in-game year. The first year is the long journey from Jonstown to Furthest.

Year 1 / 1602: The Journey to Furthest

Synopsis: The Tenth set out for Furthest under an inauspicious augury: Beast, Spirit, and Disorder. A Vingan bard, Jeno Tallteller, disappears around Dangerford. Aralla finds her and discovers that she was possessed by beast spirits. Agar Warmaker, the Lunar army commander, establishes a system of deputies for the Tenth to govern themselves. Taravor is recruited as a great warrior. The city of Alda-Chur blocks entry, but Taravor negotiates passage in exchange for a loan of Maboder warriors. For fair compensation, Aralla finds some Sun Dome radicals to adopt into the tribe, with the population exchange set to revert in five years. As the tribe descends the cliffs of the Sharl Plateau, the beast spirits possess tribal members and attack each other. The Orlanth cult, led by Derordros Ravenhair, revolt and move to abandon the exile, but Taravor kills Derordros in single combat. Aralla goes on a Hero Quest to channel Mal defeating Chaos with the help of Yelmalio, and she reveals that the beast spirits were really destructive chaos creatures (and not angry ancestral spirits). The tribe safely makes it to Furthest with minimal losses or defections. They also meet some bear people.

Link to Blog Post for full writeup:


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2 hours ago, Bahntah said:

I'd like to share reports from an ongoing campaign of Questworlds.

You might not be aware that you can have your own blog on this site! https://basicroleplaying.org/blogs/

Lots of people put their reports there because you can add to them and they don't get lost in topics. You can then announce new entries in the relevant forums.

This is just a suggestion.

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Year 2 / 1603: Entering Furthest

The main characters for 1603 are:

  • Aralla Brightspear, the Proud Huntress, Apostate Sun-Domer, Initiate of Mal (Daughter of Yelmalio and Sedenya)
  • Rana Allmother, Busybody and Terrible Cook, Charmer of Men and Vingans
  • Helma Quick-Handed, Herbalist, Healer, Doesn't Get Jokes

Synopsis: The Tenth are camped outside Furthest under a terrible augury: Chaos, Moon, and Illusion. Mother Venethusa, the Tenth's Seven Mothers leader, is apparently killed at the hands of Jeno Tallteller. Furthest sends a nosy Lunar investigator, Lachool, to investigate the death and make sure the Tenth is clean before they may enter the city. Questioning Jeno and studying Venethusa's body reveals the culprit: a Chaos demon known as a spear-worm. A mysterious stranger called Matech appears and claims to have a solution to the problem - if the tribe can solve his riddle. Lachool is more interested in arresting the Tenth's Mal cultists. After another death in the camp, Aralla sets a trap and reveals the true killer: Rana's son Targian whose hatred of Lunars had turned him to Mallia worship. Meanwhile, House Merd invites the Tenth into the city under their patronage, in exchange for support in their ongoing dart competition, and a strange detachment of Lunar soldiers orders the tribe onwards to Dorastor. The community gathers together and decide to support the local Lunar army, under the command of Agar Warmaker, and move into the Military District.

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