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supers in BRP?


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As we all know, the BRP "BGB" (and now the BRP:UGE) includes "powers" rules that can be used for supers-level (and similar) sorts of play.

Does anyone here actually use either of those for their Supers games, or does everybody strictly use Superworld as the already-worked BRP-supers game?

Over on the "Basic Roleplaying" forum, someone is asking for help building a super-powered character, and it's not a genre I've delved into, so I'd be a poor helper here... 

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So far I've only used Superworld, and would probably use that rather than the BRP BGB since it is better suited (😉) towards that. It's also fairly easy to port over anything from the BGB that I might want into Superword if I wanted to.

IMO the main reason to use the BGB over Superworld would be to run a more gitty and grounded type of supers game, as opposed to the  style of "four color comics".


BTW, what sort of character are they trying to build? Some concepts are easier to work up than others.




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