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Strike Force 7


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I recently read online that there was a supplement or rpg published called Strike Force 7, that used the Mongoose RQ rules, that emulated a kind of GI Joe setting. I can see  versions for D20 and Savage Worlds being sold but no MRQ version. Does anyone know what happened to that version? 

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Publisher "OtherWorld Creations"

I suspect they are defunct:
 - the "what's new" on their websit hasn't updated since 2009
 - the link on their website to "Strike Force 7" on DTRPG leads to another product entirely, from a different company (DTRPG has likely recycled the product-ID code)
 - OWC apparently tried to produce an edition of the Chill RPG (but may not have had rights to the IP??!?); this may have been a "final nail in their coffin" event. 

Also note that the MRQ1 rq srd was invalid/illegal, so a product based upon it would have to tread very very carefully (and if they made any use of "RQ" or "Runequest" they'd be in violation of (c)... which -- being based upon MRQ1 -- they'd have done.

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On 7/27/2023 at 1:19 PM, Tirapheg said:

Thanks for your reply. I was interested in Strike Force 7 as the superagent genre is easily added to such games as Destined, the Mythras superhero setting. Since MRQ stuff is compatable with that system. 

My understanding is that that game was based on Mongoose first RuneQuest game, which is significantly different from their RuneQuest II.

As a result, I suspect it would only partially compatible with Legend and Mythras.

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