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  1. As for myself, I was satisfied with non-errata RQ3, as in my idea 1 hand-fighting was a non-professional fighting style, and it promotted using two handed weapons, two weapons or one weapon + a shield, which IMHO is consistent with a game centered on European pre-industrial worlds.
  2. Well, having 20 Hit Points instead of 10 will make your life longer. Even though in RQ you're likely to lose one limb or two before dying...
  3. Yes, in RuneQuest POW has a special status when compared to other BRP games, as it is both a characteristic and a pool of "super magic points" used to fuel enchants, gain Runic magic and limit one's ability to store Magic Points.
  4. Well, France had both the Mazinger Z Infinity movie AND the italian Jeeg Robot. But they were targetted for very small audiences.
  5. Mugen

    Magic in Glorantha

    Does that mean a Lunar that learned Bladsharp 3 from his cult spirits can't learn Bladesharp 4 from a spirit summoned by a Shaman ?
  6. That would also make fighting with a shield much more effective than it is now, actually. Say I have 120% with my main hand sword and 90% with my shield, I'd be happy to parry with my shield if I split my skill with my main hand into a number between 50 and 70... But it also means my parry chance will depend on how I split my skill. If I chose 70 and 50, which one am I going to use ? 70 or 50 ? Also, is there a declaration phase before resolution phase in RQG ? If not, it means I'll have to decide if I split my attack when I'm attacked if my opponent has a lower SR. Anyway, attacking with your off-hand weapon is a better option than splitting, if you have enough SR to do it. Even with no proper off-hand skill, you'll attack first with full skill and one with half.
  7. Go Nagai is one of the most influencial manga authors from the 70s, and he defined the Super Robot genre with Mazinger Z. There were big robots in Manga before him, but he was the first with a pilot inside the robot, shouting the robot's attacks. He created other succesfull robots, but also the very popular Harenchi Gakuen (the impudent school) and Devilman or the ultra-violent Violence Jack. The only other Nagai's work that had little popularity in France was Bomber X, a SF series with marionette animation and a super robot. Mazinger Z and Cutey Honey ("Chérie Miel"....) were translated in the late 80, but without much audience...
  8. You're certainly right concerning super robot fans, but it will not appeal to the "nostalgia market", especially in France where the only known super robot is Grendizer/Goldrake/Goldorak. Anyway, that means the only possible title for french nostalgia market was "Goldorak RPG", which your game is definitely not...
  9. In France, CoC is so synonymous with BRP that many people think they share the same problems, such as the fact characteristics have very little impact on the game.
  10. That's a tricky question to answer. First because there were not just one "Langue d'Oil" and one "Langue d'Oc", even in the middle ages. And you can see it in english : the word "cat" comes from a dialect from Normandy. The french word "chat" it is still spelled "ka" nowadays there, whereas in Paris and the rest of France it is spelled "sha". And both Normandy and Paris are in the "Langue d'Oil" area. Second because there is no written trace of the languages that were spoken in the 6th century. The first time a "french" text is written is in 842, in the oaths of Strasbourg, which consists in 3 texts, one in Latin, one in "proto-french", and one in "proto-german". And the "french" language used in this treaty is very different from any medieval french language, and closer to vulgar Latin.
  11. Sorry for the post above. I wanted to tag fmitchell, and for some reason I was not able to type any text after that... fmitchell made the suggestion that you could use a sci-fi or "mad science" rules from another game and adapt it to BRP. If you read french, you could take a look at Hawkmoon french editions, as both have such rules. As far as i know, they didn't exist in the US edition. First edition proposes a very complete set of rules to create almost every thing using a set of Knowledge skills. The rules are also somewhat cumbersome, and have a tendency to impose high maluses on skills, making projects very hard to succeed. Second edition, based on Elric!, treats science more like a series of spells that you learn individually. Though I prefer 1st edition rules, those are far more easy to handle.
  12. No, it was a sorcerer using the sorcery spell Enhance INT multiple times, each time with a higher Intensity.
  13. Fair enough. Splitting may be an interesting option when you're at 100% and slightly above (and you consider a failed attack is the same as a parried one, but let's keep it simple). But the higher your skill will be and the more attacking just once will be interesting when compared to splitting. In a scenario where your opponent has 80% skill, 120% seems the turning point to me. If you don't split, you'll attack once at 95%, and there's 40% he won't block a successful attack. That gives you .38 successful attacks on average in a round. If you split, you'll certainly want to concentrate on your sscond attack, as it's the one with the less chance to be parried. That will give you 50% versus 80% on first attack, and 70% versus 60% on second attack, for a total of .5x.2 +.7x.4 =.38 attack per round on average. But you'll also have to consider that you'll have 62% chance that all attacks are missing or parried in a round if you don't split, versus 65,2% if you do. Of course, opponent's skill also has an impact, and the lower your opponent's skill, the higher the turning point will be.
  14. Sure, but if you miss your attacks (or those are parried), you won't kill your opponents quicker.
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