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  1. IIRC, RuneQuest 3 had an option to let players allot points freely. It's not something I'd do with BRP myself, though, given the min/max potential.
  2. That's how you deal with it, but I don't remember rules for this anywhere. For instance, if two blacksmiths with different skill levels work on the same tool, does the one with the best skill create a better tool, or does he create it quicker ?
  3. Every iteration of Sorcery except RQ3 and RQG has used limits based on the Sorcerer's skill with the spell or Art as a maximum limit on how many MP you can invest, and I vastly prefer that option. And it's not just speaking of the Mongoose RuneQuest games and Mythras, Sandy Petersen's rules and RQIV also had such limits.
  4. That was not an official rules question, but rather a question to @jajagappaconcerning possible houserules. As a player, I would not be happy to pay so many Lunars for no benefit.
  5. But do you let players that only bought Bladesharp 6 to cast it with 1 to 5 MP, or is he restricted to cast it with 6 points only ? Even if that's the case, I can understand why a beginner might want to pay 100 to 150 L for a cheap version of a spell, but I don't understand why someone would pay such a hefty price just for the benefit of being able to cast all versions of bladesharp. Even less so if he gets no benefit from it.
  6. And he would also reduce his opponent's attack chance by the same amount. Unless he's using a different weapon to parry, of course.
  7. Definitely. The only persons who knows what rights Titam holds are those that renewed their licence after Mongoose lost it, everything else is just pure speculation.
  8. Which means no-one tried to acquire the rights for non-french versions after Mongoose let it lapse ? That's a pity.
  9. IIRC, an important difference is that Melnibonéans roll the characteristics with 2d8+8 instead of 2d6+6. Which IMHO still make them less overpowered than in previous editions.
  10. I thought Sorcery spells didn't reduce your Free INT anymore, and only Spirit Magic did. Am I wrong ? Apart from this, I agree with you, @Godlearner, but don't hope for a change, as it has already been discussed here.
  11. https://www.casusno.fr/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=34910&start=285 Exact quote : Je ne sais pas d'où viendrait cette info. Je ne crois pas qu'on ait jamais communiqué quoi que ce soit sur ce sujet, et on ne compte pas le faire. On ne s'appelle pas pour rien le Département des Sombres Projets ! Haut Which translates more or less like that : After re-reading his answer, I realize that I may have misunderstood him, and the thing they had no intention on doing was communicating, not doing the translation... Maybe it's a project they have, but though
  12. @Jason DHmm... I asked one of the people of the Département des Sombres Projets on a french forum, and he seemed very surprised. According to hil, they never announced anything like that.
  13. That would be confusing for everybody : french players led to think, it's not a translation of Mournblade, and English speaking customers that would think it's a new edition of Chaosium's game... Renaming Elric! into StormBringer was less confusing, as Elric! had clear ties with SB, and other Chaodium games.
  14. They originally licenced the game from Mongoose, which was the owner of the rights in all languages at that time, so I guess it's very possible they only got the French publishing rights. Even though Mongoose doesn't have the rights anymore, the visuals for the Mournblade core book still show their logos (both MGP and EoM) on it. https://titam-france.fr/jeux-de-role/produit/mournblade-michael-moorcock-i-livre-de-base/
  15. There's the Pendragon solution, which does not differenciate attack and defense rolls. In one-on-one fights, each protagonist rolls under his skill, and only the one with the best roll hits the other. When facing more than one opponent (no more than 3), a character will oppose each of them with a reduced skill. It's also possible to chose an offensive or defensive stance, which will change how oppositions are resolved. ***** It's also possible to base damage on the tens of the attack roll, or the difference between the attack and the parry tens, counting crits as 10s.
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