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  1. One very strange thing in french RQ3 content was the fact all Uz had long black hair, like in this illustration from Gods of Glorantha: https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/477592735461960592/ I was also very surprised to see Aldryami looking like living plants in HeroWars, as french RQ3 material always portrayed them as small humanoids.
  2. Oriflam also pusblished RQ3 material in their Tatou magazine, for instance : However, StormBringer, Hawkmoon and later Cyberpunk, all published by Oriflam, were more popular, so they had more covers than RQ. In my humble opinion, the articles from Tatou were far more interesting for complete beginners like me to understand Glorantha than encyclopedic works like RQ3' Genertela...
  3. Or Chaosium using RQ2 as a base for RQG (though I think it's not a good example). However, no matter what people say about D&D5 "recapturing the old days", the rules inside were truly only influenced by WotC-era editions of the game.
  4. Nitpick : it's CON and SIZ, not CON and STR. Also, Hit Points can be lower if your CON and SIZ are below average. Say you have CON and SIZ 6 (which is possible in Storm), your max HP would be 3, and not 6 as it would have been using the average value.
  5. Unless you consider each pilot is responsible for one part of the robot. Or you could use some kind of "Everyone is John"-type rules...
  6. There has been quite a number of BRP-derivative fantasy games since the release of RuneQuest 1, and each have their own features that make them unique and enjoyable (or not). As for myself, BRP fantasy games have been an important part of my Roleplayer life. I've discovered them through StormBringer 2nd edition, and it was so much better then D&D in my eyes I stopped playing it for a long time. Each of the BRP fantasy games I played had different appeal to me, and different flaws and qualities. One of the things that is more specific to BRP fantasy than other genres, though, is the proeminence of melee combat. With time, I grew dissatisfied with its focus on wounds as the only interesting outcome of a blow. In its more simple incarnations, it results in long successions of rounds where attacks either miss or are parried. In more complex ones, or in Pendragon, it's less of an issue, though. Nowadays, I prefer a different approach to Hit Points, which is not directly correlated to wounds. Even if you completely avoid to be hit, you may lose HP because of exhaustion, or losing ground.
  7. I think the impact of "advantage" style mechanism on critical success chances is sufficient to make it interesting for high skills. However, rolling 3d10 and taking the 2 lowest ones is just too good... I'd let the player roll 2d10 and keep the best/worst for the tens , and roll a single d10 for the units.
  8. Given that Chaosium built RQG on games dating from the first half of the 80s (Pendragon being the most recent game in the lot), I doubt they are in the mood for making a new edition of Pendragon that diverges from previous editions, and based on recent RPG design. I just hope they won't do the same as they did for skill opposition in RQG and just compare success levels... I think the game could benefit from removing the split between characteristics and skills, except perhaps for SIZ and/or CON. I would also change the system to make it more like HeroQuest, with success levels bumps instead of the current crit rules.
  9. As I said, I guess it's just Pendragon coming back to Chaosium after 5.X editions having been published by Nocturnal. I don't expect any major rules change. EDIT: After a quick check, 5.2 was in fact published by Chaosium... Well, ignore my comment above...
  10. Well, in the video below, St├ęphane from Edge (the video don't say who he is, or even what his last name is) explicitly talked about a 6th edition of Pendragon (the Pendragon part starts at 18:03). Edit : I think it's St├ęphane Bogard, studio coordinator at Edge, mentioned here: https://www.chaosium.com/blogchaosium-announces-new-licensing-deal-for-french-and-spanish-with-edge-entertainment/ My guess it's just Pendragon coming back to Chaosium, basically.
  11. Well, in previous editions (like the one I used in my campaign), you inflicted normal damage on a critical success when in Defensive stance... Needless to say, a lot more players used that tactic... I remember I wanted to change the rules for crits, but I don't remember the details. I remember I was influenced by HeroQuest, so it's possible my intent was that if both rolled a crit, the highest roll was the winner, but his roll was downgraded to a normal success. Anyway, my players didn't want that change, because they had some pretty bad experiences with me a rules change in a previous game (but it was a homebrew system)... On the other hand, one of my players put a lot of efforts in-game to obtain a "magical" mace that was unbreakable, so he was basically asking for a rules change in his favor... That was exactly my experience, too.
  12. Well, with Inspiration and combat stances, it's not very difficult to go beyond 20.
  13. That was actually a problem for my players, as they felt they couldn't focus on another 1 handed weapon on the long term, and have a character with a different fighting style from their previous one. We also experienced a lot of fumbles, to the extent that a recurring joke was that they should stop use grease to clean their swords...
  14. I'm also not impressed by the (dis)advantage mechanism. It's good that D&D 5e has less little bonus to hunt, but sincerely I'd rather just take the highest bonus and malus, or even just eyeball global difficulty.
  15. As a side note, the POW gain from defeating a Disease Spirit seems to me like a typo in the rules, but I digress...
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