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    Started with Mega (french RPG about space & time agents) at age 9, began GMing with D&D Basic at age 11, my life changed with StormBringer. Huge fan of Pendragon, Mage and RuneQuest.
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  1. QuickStart 2 attacks in one round?

    I hadn't such a complex system in mind. One Melee skill with specialties per weapon, up to 30% would be sufficient to me.
  2. In a post on this forum (which I couldn't find...), Jason Durall said RQG weapons would work in a way similar to RQ3 Armor Points in the final version of the game. As far as I remember, Special and/or critocal parries and attacks would reduce opponent's weapon's AP more seriously, but I don't remember by which amount.
  3. QuickStart 2 attacks in one round?

    I'm not sure it makes no sense. My small experience with a boken tells me maneuvering a weapon with both hands is different than with one hand. It's easier to regain balance with 2 hands. I agree, however, that having your fighting skill experience reduced to 0 because you use a weapon two-handed and not one-handed does not make sense.
  4. Yes, during Mongoose's RuneQuest playtest, he was one of those advocating for using DEX-based initiative and dropping localized hit points. That was more than 10 years ago, but I'd be surprised to learn he switched his mind again.
  5. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    Except the list is the same as RQ3, as far as I know. That is : Agility, Communication, Knowledge, Magic, Manipulation, Perception, Stealth.
  6. Hitpoint-less combat and large creatures

    My first thought would be to break wounds into 3 categories (for instance, minor, severe and critical) and shift the result of a successful attack according to the difference of SIZ between the attacker and the defender. For instance, a minor wound inflicted by a creature 20 SIZ higher than the defender would be turned into a severe one. To make it work, I'd use a mechanism similar to HeroQuest Masteries : after you're hit, make a Resistance versus Brawn roll. Add armor to Resistance, add weapon to Brawn, and modify one or both according to SIZ difference. The outcome of the resistance vs brawn roll would determine the kind of wound you suffer: -Major victory (crit vs failure, for instance): no wound. -Minor victory : minor wound -Minor defeat : severe wound -Major defeat : critical wound If the difference between Resistance and Brawn would put Resistance below 0%, the defender would be rolling under (100-negative value), but the kind of wound he'd suffer would be 1 step more lethal (or the other way around if the Brawn skill is reduced below 0%). For instance, if a character with Brawn 85 is hitting a character with Resistance 25, has a weapon that adds 20% to his Brawn, and has such a SIZ that his Brawn gets +30%. Adjusted Brawn is now 135%, which means the Brawn vs Resistance roll is a 135 vs 25 one. Both rolls are reduced by 35%, which means it is now a 100 vs 90 roll, but with one additional wound severity.
  7. QuickStart 2 attacks in one round?

    There was an errata later that changed this to allow a character to attack and parry in the same round (but in different strike ranks) with a 1H weapon. I think it's this one (see errata for p. 48) : https://www.scribd.com/mobile/document/252370770/Runquest-Third-Edition-Errata
  8. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    Do we know what it means ? It would be horrible that these words were actually "dungeons" and "dragons" and put it on RuneQuest...
  9. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    As for myself, I prefer the logo on the QuickStart doculent over this one. Just like @7Tigers, my favorite is RQ3 logo, but the french RQ3 was also my introduction to RQ...
  10. 16th century Europe campaign

    I agree, except for some very special cases, such as "Pirate" profiles fighting with a saber in one hand, and a pistol in the other.
  11. Lethality of BRP for a single character

    I would definitely give him above-average characteristics, especially CON (so that he's tough) and POW (so that he can cast many spells).
  12. QuickStart 2 attacks in one round?

    I think it does :Truly, a 1-100 scale on a d100 would not be enough to put my Tennis skill (which is very low) and Roger Federer's :D.
  13. My review of the RuneQuest Quickstart

    Well, there are 2 skills that will rarely have values that are multiples of 5 : Dodge and Jump, whose base value are respectiveley 2x DEX and 3x DEX (+Skill bonus). You'll need a multiple of 5 in DEX to have a multiple of 5 in either of those skills.
  14. Valerian & Laureline. And M-SPACE

    Please do. It will be a pleasure.
  15. Valerian & Laureline. And M-SPACE

    I won't have time to do it properly, I'm afraid. Characteristics are easier to generate