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  1. I think it does :Truly, a 1-100 scale on a d100 would not be enough to put my Tennis skill (which is very low) and Roger Federer's :D.
  2. Well, there are 2 skills that will rarely have values that are multiples of 5 : Dodge and Jump, whose base value are respectiveley 2x DEX and 3x DEX (+Skill bonus). You'll need a multiple of 5 in DEX to have a multiple of 5 in either of those skills.
  3. Please do. It will be a pleasure.
  4. I won't have time to do it properly, I'm afraid. Characteristics are easier to generate
  5. Note that this is a skill she learned before she met Valerian, and before she got proper Agent training.
  6. I originally put a 14 in DEX, but I thought it was not in line with Laureline's origins, and the fact she was a natural archer.
  7. Which Valerian are we statting ? SIZ 12 seems a bit too much for Dane Dehaan, but not enough for the comic character, which deserve 13 or 14. I would not give the comic Valerian such a high DEX either. My take on Laureline: STR 12 CON 13 SIZ 11 DEX 16 INT 17 POW 15 CHA 21 Culture : Rural (medieval France, actually) Career : Thief
  8. Well, I never said there was a GOOD one. The BGB version (Flames of the Sun) is 3 meters wide, and deals 1d6+2 damage per round. Though it's stationary, it can be cast anywhere in Sight range. It's big enough that avoiding it in combat would require a Dodge roll, in my opinion. It's far from being a good substitute to FireBall, but it has a better damage per MP spent than most damaging spells in the book ( 3-8 for 4 MP versus the usual 1-6 per 3 MP). Edit : I checked my Elric! book, and it matches that description.
  9. There was one, actually, whose name was something like "Flames of Kakatal". It was one in a series of 4 elemental spells, each named after one of the 4 lords of Elemental, which all cost 4 MP, and were a pre-requisite to learn how to summon elementals. You can find it in the Big Yellow Book, but without the name Kakatal.
  10. This change is not in contradiction with the sentence I quoted : you can dodge or parry from multiple sources and many times in a round, but when targeted by an attack, you can parry, or dodge instead.
  11. Well, the text says "If the player rolls equal to or less than the skill chance on D100, the adventurer has succeeded and managed to hit their opponent. The defender may still manage to avoid damage by parrying or dodging the blow, (...)" (p 13 of QS). I maybe wrong, but the wording seems to imply rolling for dodge or parry is decided after the attack roll. Edit: p 14 says "The parry should be rolled whether the attack succeeded or not, (...)", so I guess I'm wrong... Also on p 14 : "The Dodge skill may be used to avoid a melee attack instead of a parry".
  12. Tha was in fact a french to english translation problem, and not japanese to english. I used lance because it was the first that came to my mind.
  13. They're also far more effective on horseback or, more generally, on a battlefield than a 1 handed sword. Ans, yes, you're right, spear, not lance, sorry.
  14. That also changed over time. In the end, the samurai's weapon of choice on the battlefield was the lance.