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    Started with Mega (french RPG about space & time agents) at age 9, began GMing with D&D Basic at age 11, my life changed with StormBringer. Huge fan of Pendragon, Mage and RuneQuest.
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  1. Personal note : As my first name is Alban, I have a very positive bias towards this setting's name.
  2. I don't know what intelligent species are provided in the BGB, but that Monograph seems like a re-issue of the old Games Workshop's Monsters book for RQ3 : https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/82072/Basic-Creatures?filters=44826_0_0_0_0 If you only look for characteristics, Mongoose's RuneQuest SRD is another solution. Myhtras has a few more exotic creatures.
  3. It depends on what you mean by "fast". Fights between protagonists with high or very low skill values could last very long, and be very boring too.
  4. Note that in Mythras, weapon size can be modified by Special Effects.
  5. Note that one sentence in the game's decription is misleading. "Based on the famous D100 game engine (the one that was used in the first two editions of Nephilim) (...)" The game is d100 roll-under, but it doesn't use BRP at all. Skills are replaced with freeform "Past lives", ranked from 1 to 10. To succeed at a task, you roll 1d100 under as "Past life" (sometimes modified by your elemental affitinies) x10. The 10s of the roll determine quality of success, and doubles are criticals (the only reason why you use a d100 and not a d10).
  6. Location hit points are in a 3-7 range, which means even 1 damage point is very important. It also depends a lot on the locations you hit. 2 attacks on the same limb are very likely to have more impact than 4 attacks on random locations, even if the total damage is lower. And all you need to hit twice the same location is a combat special effect (providing you can deal damage on that successful hit, of course).
  7. Yes, but when that point is added to a d8, it means between 100% and 12.5% more (or 50% to 11% less), which is significant. Especially in a game where a human being can take 12 of them on average, and a 1 point difference means death instead of unconsciousness. Although using BRP damage values in Mythras would certainly have more impact on the characters than the opposite.
  8. With the caveat that damage values in (MRQ2)/RQ6/Mythras are significantly different from BRP.
  9. @K Peterson if I understand correctly, CoC 7e handles ties in skill opposition by giving victory to the highest skill, which is the default method in BRP SRD (page 12 : "If the rolls are successful and tied (same quality of result), the character with the highest skill rating is successful."). And, honestly, it's perhaps the worst existing version of skill opposition, as even a 1% difference gives a huge advantage.
  10. And that's not counting the fact a two-handed weapon only requires one skill outside RQ3, which means it's easier to be good at both attack and defense at character creation. Afterwards, the fact you'll have 2 skill checks after each session involving a fight means you'll be more likely to increase your overall fighting capabilities. My understanding was that if you do 2 attacks, you proposed to apply the -30% to the second attack only, and defenses taking place after the second one. I proposed to apply the -30% to all actions, including the first attack.
  11. I'd put the same malus to all "active" actions (those that are initiated by the player and decided in the declaration step) and put a cumulative malus on top of it for each "reactive" action (defenses, essentially). I feel like declaring more than one action should make all actions "rushed", and as such harder to accomplish.
  12. No, you can also find those in the Mongoose RuneQuest SRD (A.K.A. MRQ SRD), along with many other creatures stats.
  13. It may be what is written, but is it how it's supposed to work ? My understanding was that you could use any weapon to parry any attack.
  14. You could use the RQ stats for halflings and dwarves. However, RQ elves are different from WFRP elves.
  15. The first CoC game I bought (I think it was a translation of 2nd edition) had a bunch of traditional non-mythos creatures in it. And even the most iconic Chaosium published campaign contains non-mythos material. Non-mythos CoC campaigns actually sound more like barebones BRP than real "Call of Cthulhu" to me, but there's no reason it couldn't work.
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