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  1. Mugen

    RQ vs D&D

    There's one very annoying problem with critical failures on a 1 in combat in 5e. Fighters fighting prowess in 5e essentially comes from their number of attacks per round. And the more often you attack, the more likely you are to suffer a critical failure.
  2. Mugen

    RQ vs D&D

    Rules-wise, D&D 5e is a simplified version of 3rd with bits from 4th edition and a few elements unique to this edition. There is nothing in it that you can trace back directly to AD&D without having been altered by later versions.
  3. After a long wait, a new supplement is coming for the french Mournblade game from le D├ępartement des Sombres Projets (which was essentially caused by the death of two people working for that company ­čśč). http://titam-france.fr/produit/mournblade-encyclopedie-des-jeunes-royaumes-argimiliar/?fbclid=IwAR1q76tgcbJydLK-Dwz0VJMej8OY6N3oTWsYfCpl7yZhe1-Qw5YAY7VIxHU The cover has a definite PathFinder/Star Wars FFG vibe.
  4. Not at all. The question I answered was about Mythras, and not Mythic Iceland.
  5. Character creation rules in OQ are definitely a weak point for me. As every one gets the same number of points in each category, it's not possible to differentiate a soldier from a scholar by its weapon skills. The only area where characters get a real choice to make is the "Practical" category.
  6. Yes. There are only 3 skills in the "combat" category : Melee, Ranged and Unarmed.
  7. Note that Legend is much closer to Mythras than MRQ, and the same can be said of their respective Magic systems. As a result, using Necromancy, Blood Magic and Elementalism from Legend booklets with MRQ would require much more work than using those with Mythras. Also, Legend had Common Magic instead of MRQ's Rune Magic or Mythras' Folk Magic. It was based on RQ2/RQ3 Battle/Spirit magic, but required the use of a single "Common Magic" skill for all spells instead of one per rune. You also missed Animism as one of Legend and Mythras magic systems.
  8. I think OpenQuest is simpler overall, with less skills and a simpler combat system.
  9. Another very important difference is that HQ allows for critical success chances far beyond 5%. Not counting the fact HeroQuest ability scale is not the same as RQG skills scale divided by 5. But, yes, Masteries are an evolution of Pendragon's way of dealing with skills over 20, which is an evolution of RQ2 rule.
  10. Sans D├ętour had a huge CoC line, and I think it will be difficult for EDGE to propose as many books as they did. I'm quite confident we'll see better production values, nevertheless, as ESD books were in black & white. Concerning RuneQuest, no Gloranthan game has really been successful in France. First french edition was a translation of RuneQuest 3, but contrarily to AH edition it was sold as a purely Gloranthan game. The only Fantasy Earth supplement published was Land of Ninja (under the name "La Voie du Sabre" - it seems L5R opened a "Japan" trend in France, as GURPS Japan had been translated the same year). Oriflam put a lot of efforts in the game, and published a gorgeous (for the time...) line of books including Gods of Glorantha, Glorantha: Genertela Crucible of the HeroWars, Elder Secrets, Sun County, Trollpak and Dorastor. But the result was the game setting seemed very intimidating, with no "beginner-friendly" entry point. I can tell by my own experience it's very difficult to do anything out of Genertela alone... The very complex nature of RQ3 didn't help. It seems Multisim's translation of HeroWars line was a complete failure, as only 6 books were published (including the two core books). Once again, I think the lack of focus on one area of Glorantha was a mistake. Mongoose did translations of their Glorantha 2nd Age line, but was horribly expensive. It didn't help their translations were done by a french Mongoose employee, and not by a professional translator...
  11. I think the reason why 2 handed weapons are not mentioned is because they don't need a special treatment, and follow the normal rule of 1 attack unless you split your attack skill. Don't forget that in order to attack twice while holding 2 weapons, you need to develop a skill with your off-hand weapon. Also, 2-handed weapons tend to deal more damage with each hit. Allowing 2-handed weapons to do so with only one skill would not be fair. I agree with this, and that was my first understanding of the rule on page 224. But I think RQG already makes off-hand and shield use too difficult to use and, as a result, favors 2-handed weapons.
  12. My own wording would be something like that: 1) You can attack once with your main weapon, unless you split your attack skill. If you have an offhand weapon, you can also attack with it at SR equal to the sum of both weapon's SR, if it is lower than or equal to 12. 2) You can parry or dodge multiple times. Each subsequent attempt suffers a cumulative -20% penalty, no matter what skill or weapon was used. If you hold two weapons, you can chose your main or off-hand weapon to parry without any restriction.
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