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The Arkham Investigator's Wallet: the latest amazing Call of Cthulhu prop set from the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society


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From our wickedly inventive friends at the H.P. Lovecraft Historical SocietyThe Arkham Investigator's Wallet. 

Already two-time ENNIES Product of the Year winners for their amazing Call of Cthulhu gaming props, the HPLHS continue to raise the bar, taking a real vintage-style leather wallet and packing it full of more than 40 things that an investigator in 1920s Arkham might have on them. 

And to help crank up the fun, they include in an all-new Call of Cthulhu scenario written to feature the wallet and its contents!


Open now for preorders at a special introductory price and scheduled to start shipping on August 7th (once it begins shipping, the price will have to go up!).

Details of Arkham Map - HPLHS ads

P.S. Our friends the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society are also helping us by creating more props for our current Graveyards of Arkham Kickstarter. A reward for all backers $19 and above is a digital copy of our new Town of Arkham Street Map. It features wryly authentic advertisements of local Arkham businesses, created by our our wickedly inventive friends at the HPLHS.

And if you'd like a printed copy of our new Arkham Map that the HPLHS contributed to, it's available as an add-on in the Graveyards of Arkham Kickstarter.


The physical poster is 23.4" x 30.4" / 59.5 x 77.3cm and printed on semi-gloss paper. It comes shipped in a rolled tube - perfect for the tabletop! And the add-on price includes worldwide free postage! So nothing to pay later.

Graveyards of Arkham logo

The HPLHS are also helping us create the Old Arkham Graveyard Map and Plot CertificatesSpecific backer levels allow you to reserve a graveyard plot of your own, pick out a headstone from our selection of master masonry, and write your epitaph.

Please check out the Kickstarter here and help us make this new series!

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While I do not have the Wallet in my hands yet, I fully recommend getting one, just for the value of the Props (and the CoC scenario that comes with the Wallet). If you are unfamiliar with the HPLHS, they put out outstanding high quality props and documents. The props and documents they produce are easily Movie Prop quality, and I dont mean the stuff seen in the background, but what would be termed as Hero Props, the ones you get a good clear view of. Take their Amulet of Tsathuggua, it is cast metal and has an antique gold finish, and as such has some heft and looks like something one would see the big bad cultists wearing in an Indiana Jones Movie. Thier gamer props are also outstanding, they have thier Prop Colletions, a set of PDFs that you can print off, trim down and put together for your games, the Prop volume 1 had just to name a few props, US Passports, British Passport, Checkbook/Bankbook for an Arkham bank, Miskatonic University props (Letterheads, Library Card, Student ID card), etc... Prop Vol 2 isnt technically out, they have a few items for it as free downloads on the HPLHS site, Vol 3 is all props based on teh Call of Cthulhu story (an the Silent Movie HPLHS did) and can also be bought in physical form in their Angell Box, all packed in a real steel box along with Wilcox's Bas Relief. (downside for this item is it isnt cheap, costing $1,000, though they are hand made/assembled per order, and from those who have it they agree its worth it).


*Note* I am not affiliated with the HP Lovecraft Historical Society in any way other then being a customer of theirs and having their lifetime membership. As a fan of Lovecraft and his contemporaries, I am fully willing to continue supporting them as long as they continue to put out the high quality items they release.

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The wallet is a thing if beauty. Highly recommended, the scenario that comes with it is also a fun one, in addition to the book you also have a downloadable solo version of the scenario, and downloads for some of the prop documents in the wallet so you can customize them for your own scenarios taking place in Arkham and the surrounding area.


I have attached pics of the wallet and its contents. Some prop documents are double sided, I only took pics of the one side
















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It is a great value, not just for the wallet,  Scenario and prop documents, but also for the downloads. You get the link to download  a bunch of the documents that you can then customize, along with the PDF copy of the scenario and PDF download of a solo version of the scenario. If you do the Solo version on a computer the prompts to go to Number x are all hyperlinked so if you click it it will take you to that entry.


Granted the Solo scenario is set up for the Pregen character of Charlotte and your own character wont work unless you create them as a child or possible early teenager, and a female due to how certain entries are written, and this inst a bad thing as its one of the few scenarios that I have found written for a player to play a child/youth as an investigator.


I have actually added some additional items to my wallet such as a couple more prop bills ( a $1, $5 and a $10 bill) that I bought from a prop movie money company, a few more business cards for other Arkham business that I created (businesses are pulled from the old now out of print Arkham Unveiled sourcebook), along with a couple other props from the HPLHS prop downloads (I will admit I own all their prop document sets that you can purchase and download), along with a wooden nickel that I made to represent a promotional item for an Arkham business (it is a modified 25th anniversary wooden nickel for a local coinshop that I was able to scrape off the print from one side and applied a clear label sticker over for the Arkham buiness). I plan on using the walled in addition to being a prop for the Dog Walker Scenario as a part of my Investigators costume (with the Dog Walker specific props left out).

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