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Roll20 Character sheet issues

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Just figuring out how to use roll20s character sheet.

The combat skills shows "halfed" instead of "hafted".

The combat skills button produces a result (but not damage) but it seems to frequently be white text on the white background.

The attack weapons shows damage (though not whether the attack succeeded) but is also sometimes in white text on a white background. (solved by turning off dark mode 🤣)

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text colour solved
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2 hours ago, gevrin said:

If the combat skill button rolls a critical, the attackweapons button that rolls damage doesn't reflect this. There's no link between the two.

I haven't seen that before, normally a Critical gives a high damage roll.

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Posted (edited)

To clarify, using the google chrome browser:

1. Rolling the Weapon skill button under Combat Skills (e.g. Sword) tells you whether the result is a crit, hit, miss or fail, but doesn't produce a damage result.

2. Rolling the Weapon button under Attacks (e.g. Arming Sword) rolls the damage from a normal hit, not adjusted for criticals, but doesn't roll to determine whether you've hit.

So, rolling 1 then 2 is like rolling to hit, then damage, in a face-to-face game. There's no apparent way to combine these into one roll.

Nb. As criticals add a flat +4d6 to the damage, we've settled on adding an entry in the Attacks section for Critical Hit damage rolling 4d6 and we'll just add this to the previous damage roll (so a crit will now involve 3 rolls; to hit, damage, plus crit damage).

None of this is a game killer and we're really looking forward to playing, but if the character sheet hit/damage/crit issues could be made to work (as they do for D&D5e for instance), that would be very helpful.

Same system when I switch to Firefox.

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