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A Cold Fire Within's Heart of Dreams


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One of my players sent me their PDF for A Cold Fire Within to try and tempt me into running the campaign. While reading through the book I've hit upon a point of confusion however.

On page 32 while exploring Ferdinand Argus' home players are expected to find a 'Heart of Dreams', which comes with the note (see box, nearby). Unfortunately I can't find this box to get a description of the Heart of Dreams or what it does.

Context elsewhere shows it is tied to a Keeper of the Heart of Dreams and the Crystals of Naphkon, as well as being referenced in Handout: Past Lives 3b, but nothing on the Heart of Dreams itself.


Is there an errata somewhere or have I been send an old copy of the PDF?
I appreciate any help~

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Apologies, it's in the password protected cult of Chaos forum. Here's the text:



A Cold Fire Within - Keeper of the Heart of Dreams - Question

We have the stats for it in Chapter 1, but where does it come in?

I'm assuming it's guarding the Heart of Dreams, but the closest thing I can find is the Crystals of Naphkon. Is it a Crystal of Naphkon?

If the Keeper of the Heart of Dreams is guarding the Heart of Dreams, it looks very deadly and I can't see how the PCs can defeat it.

What have other Keepers done with this?

Ignore it? Have the Heart of Dreams without the Keeper? Drop both from the campaign?


I've gotten further in the campaign and it looks like the Heart of Dreams is just another Crystal of Naphkon that's already been created. So, it looks like a short-cut for the PCs to get a Crystal of Naphkon. Also if you sleep with it you'd get dreams about the Lomar capital.

Still no further info about the Keeper of the Heart of Dreams. Looks like it's not referenced anywhere else in the campaign.


I think it comes in if they fail a POW roll or something when trying to use a crystal.



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