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Aerial Combat Rules.

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I am working on an idea for a game based on WW1 aerial combat....aka...lotsa dogfighting. There will be zeppelin attacks, tanks blitzing across the desert, strafing runs on enemy trains, desert spy intrigue taking place in a neutral holy oasis city etc.

I have kinda worked out a ruleset...not being able to find any real air combat rules down this or any vein in the Big Gold Brick.

Anyway, have any of you developed any rules dealing with aerial combat??

I will post what I have come up with thusfar. Later at least (left them at work actually)

The concept is basically something down the line of the old anime show...Area 88

It takes place in an alternate history universe where WW1 never really ended, other than in a stalemate and the various powers have exported the war to other countries.

The PC's will be air aces with or without WW1 experience. The setting will be in a ficticious arabian-ish country with various different terrains...desert for the most part.

One of the big concerns for the characters will be upkeep of their plane, they are true mercenaries paid by the mission and by bounties for bringing down targets.

Anyway...I'm interested to hear how folks have dealt with brp aerial combat.

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