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Oglod Reptile Spirit - Beyond Pavis

Erol of Backford

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So there is a scenario in Beyond Pavis p. 105 which deals with Oglod a reptilian spirit. 

I recall the fun from when we did Apple Lane and original Rainbow Mounds, the Slarges of Griffin Island, cliff toads, especially the one from River of Cradles.

Speaking of reptiles there are the Bolo-Lizard Folk, a lady who rides a chariot with bolo lizards from Sandheart, the turtle in the Hollow, snakes galore, especially related to earth cults... Penliss of the Red Toad from Shadows on the Boarderlands, etc.

The idea that the PC's could correct a wrong done to Oglod, the reptile spirit and gain a boon such as some benefit against poison, reptilian armor, chameleon abilities and or regeneration all sound intriguing. 

Has anyone dealt with this scenario and if so what powers/spells did Oglod potentially give the PC's assuming they restored its shrine?

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1 hour ago, Erol of Backford said:

chameleon abilities

Would you trust any spirit with chameleon abilities to dole out not to be a trickster? Chameleon boons:

  • broadcast your emotions in technicolour (even when you don’t want to)
  • hands/feet superbly adapted to climbing trees (but useless for picking locks/running)
  • move really slowly (all the time)
  • an insect-catching tongue (speech is impossible; you only eat bugs)
  • eyes that point in different directions (on turrets — so cool)

“Umm … on second thoughts, can I just have the standard lizard regeneration deal?”
“Sure: you can now shed the end of your tail and grow it back in a non-matching colour.”
“But I don’t have a tail.”
“Oh … so what’s that that just fell off?”

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When I ran that scenario many years ago, it didn’t go well. Later I saw the PCs had no background on Oglod, so I couldn’t blame then for attacking the lizard-like servants that appear in his cave. I think in the end they managed to gain only the friendship of small Praxian reptiles.

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