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Hello All

Apologies for asking a couple questions that may have simple and obvious answers.

I want to rebuild an old 3X game in BRP.  What are the best resources to emulate that feel?

I haven't played Runequest and I realize that may be one obvious low hanging fruit.  But I'd like advice.  (Near horizon unreleased material counts!)

Here is what I'm shooting for:

Years ago I ran a fun campaign in D&D 3.5.  The concept was a world setting with the Roman, Norse, and Egyptian Gods each with their own archetypical fantasy nations in a constant state of tension.  Then the Great Old Ones start to emerge and tense rival nations become allies of need.  Adventure follows.

Fast forward a couple decades and I've been enjoying Pulp Cthulhu a lot lately.  And that old campaign sprang to mind when I saw the BRP update.  I'm not stuck with D&D spells or anything like that.  But I would like to have a fairly high fantasy setting with wizards and warriors and clerics or whatever, but with the CoC core, including sanity.  I'm thinking Pulp C is CoC with a bit a extra juice, and I want this campaign to be more in to 30% to 50% of the way to D&D feel.  Maybe even more.   And I think BRP gets me there.

What resources will create a toolbox for me?


Thanks much!

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BRP and D20s feels very different at the table. For fantasy settings Magic World is a great starting point. Notice that BRP has two main fantasy "specialities" , the runequest one and the elric/stormbringer one. Both are great foundatons for tweaking and get the appropiate set od rules for your table needs.

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Mythras and classic fantasy will make it look a lot like your old game. It has classes and vancian adjacent casting and all of that. 

mythras by itself has a kitchen sink setting called Thennla. It is very much in a similar space. It has gods that take an active role, various pseudo-real-world cultures, and so on. You can download the Thennla doc for free from the design mechanism’s website. 

small plug for my own site - https://d100-workshop.blogspot.com Largely because I have a small pile of cults on there that would fit well into a world like this. Cults really just give you the structure around gating powers and abilities. 

bonus part is that you can use the BRP:UGE and it will be largely compatible. 

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