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Doubts about shamans

Jose Luis

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I have some doubts concerning the correct use of shamans in the game:

1) One of my characters, a shaman, started as a shaman apprentice as the background profession (which is logical).  The first question is: at what age did he become a shaman apprentice?  The rules do not seem to say when a character starts with the backgorund profession.  This is very relevant in this case, because in the rules it is stated that a shaman apprentice gains POW every year (and also when he becomes a shaman).  So when he starts adventuring after character's creation, has he gained this additional POW (that in this case needs to be added to his starting POW)? For example, if he was a shaman apprentice at 15, and he starts adventuring at 21, does this mean that he gains the additional POW for six years to be added to his already starting POW?  This seems very overpowered, but I cannot find and alternative...

2) In one instance, the player had a shaman that wanted to talk to a spirit that was bound to a physical place in the "real" world.  This physical place was extremely far from the shaman's location.  So what the player wanted to do was to initiate an astral trip and reach this spirit travelling through the spiritual plane, arguing that this should be quick and easy, as he kew where the spirit was located.  Is this possible?  The player seemed to be resembling the physical world with the spiritual world, as if each location in one place had an equivalent in the other, so for one spirit to go from Sartar to Esrolia (for example), it would simply do and equivalent trip in the spiritual plane but just much faster.  Is that so?  How does it really work?  Can he avoid the hazards of the astral trip just because he knows the physical location where the other spirit is bound?  Obviusly this question only applies to trips where bound spirits are located (as I suppose free spirit have no equivalent location in the pysical world).

3) Maybe this is in the rules, but I am not sure: how does a shaman looks for (and finds) a very specific spirit?  For example, the shaman wishes to capture a unique individual, not just a spirit of a defined type.

Thanks for your support!



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For me

1) your apprentice starts like other

no extra gain (aka 1 pow per year) before the pc starts the game the pc may have gain extra pow before but their master (the shaman) may have ask them to spend this pow in any ritual / enchantment. An apprentice learn AND serve 😉


2) it is possible to travel yes 
i would personally use 1 encounter for one day of mundane travel. If your shaman wants to avoid each spirit during the travel there are skill rolls for that.


3) you have to know the name of the specific creature and have a spell to summon the spirit, (check if the shaman spells allow them to target a named creature

the other option is to visit the spirit plan and to search. Maybe the shaman has some spirit friends they can ask for help

so depending on role play and skill roll I would allow a 20% chance the first encounter then +10 % per encounter


imagine a world without smartphone and you look for your friend in a crowd. Who will be the first person you meet ?

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