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Silly and somewhat stupid question perhaps…


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… but I haven't been able to figure out it special and critical successes are changed according to difficulty.

I mean, is the chance for specials and criticals changed with the doubling of the skill when attempting an Easy skill check? If I have 80% in a skill the special is 8% and the critical is 4% (if I have understood things correctly). Now attempting an Easy check, the skill is doubled to 160%… is then special and critical ranges also adjusted, to be 16% and 8% respectively? Similarly, would they be halved when the skill is halved when attempting a Difficult check?

Similarly, when using superpowers, like Super Skill, or spells that increase skills, does this also increase (or decrease in case of malevolent spell used on enemies) the chances for special and critical results?

What then with special equipment of superior quality?

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I've always assumed that Special and Critical Chances should be based on the skill chance at the time. It makes more sense if you have a better-than-usual chance of pulling off a skill (for whatever reason), then you'ld have a better-than-usual chance of pulling off a special or critical success in that particular situation as well.

Well, that's how I read it, and it makes logical sense to me. Plus its more fun for the players.

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