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Story line of my last few BRP sessions


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I thought I would share the story line of my last few BRP sessions for comments or for other people use. As always comments are welcome:

The campaign is set in New York with the characters being agents in the FBI. A new case comes in regarding a missing child and the possibility of the abduction being over state lines (hence the FBI involvement).

The child in question is from a multimillionaire who lives in an apartment in New York. They landed mid-morning – an early return from a business trip to Germany and decided to stretch the legs with a walk in Central Park. During this walk the child goes missing. The police are informed after the parents have searched the park. The police begin searching and refer the matter to the FBI – enter the players.

Important: One thing that was highlighted during the adventure are the power cuts that are occurring in New York every 3 to 4 days.

My players investigated the apartment staff (door warden/cleaning) as nobody knew they were flying back early. The information (and sensitive information regarding the kidnapping) was released to a TV station and the investigation moved towards the reporter and the informant (a policeman being paid for the information).

Early the next morning a ransom letter is sent to the parents of the missing child demanding money. The investigation then centers on the kidnapper and eventually the money drop at a subway station. Here the party capture the kidnapper only to find that he is an opportunist and not a kidnapper.

The party return to Central Park and perform a detailed investigation finding the following facts:

- A burnt circle on the floor in the bushes.

- Three large fish in the lakes bitten in half

This leads the party to search the lake areas in more detail finding a sewer grill broken inwards and a strange trail akin to something being dragged through the muddy sewers. Following this trail leads to the East River and a sewer grill on the side of a wall broken open.

Searching up and down the East River finds an adult boot with a foot in it – forensic evidence leads towards the foot being “bitten”. A detailed search of the surrounding area reviews a large creature appearing to be living on “Mill Rock” – an island in the East River.

The party investigate the island finds two things:

- A large Alligator (35ft long!!!) – yes much larger than any alligator previously found anywhere in the world.

- An air duct on the center of the island leading down to a passage way running SW to NE.

- No evidence of an air duct/passage is visible on any map is appears to be newish – last 5 years.

The party investigate this passage way finding a tunnel terminating in the SW at Ground Zero and to the NW at a giant fan and a door. They investigate the door and the “secret” complex behind working out that it would be underneath the sewage plant on Randal’s Island about 1K to the NE.

During the “secret complex” investigation there should be huge sound from generators and a vast heat dispersion through the passage ways – a bit like a power build up and then a discharge. The party might even witness a huge flash of light from within a room at the base. Eventually the party are captured and offered a job (if offered is the correct word).

The party learn that the installation is situated in New York due to some unique geology/geographical reason (exact reason is current unknown) and is the reason for the power cuts in New York. They have several batteries which store power (currently takes 3 days) and upon release punches a hole in time for only 3 minutes (a ball of white light) which burns the ground (hence the burning in Central Park).

The thought is that during calibration a few random portals may have opened – hence the alligator coming through – and the child may have ventured into one of the portals.

The party are ear-marked for the first venture through to recon the air and to retrieve the child if possible. The probes seem to indicate that the portal is set in Prehistoric times and the party should gear up appropriately. The party will consist of 8 members – marines will make up the difference.

The party enter the portal with the understanding that they can only open it in 3 days and it will only be open for 3 minutes. They cannot “fine tune” the adjustments any more than they have. If they calibrate it – they may lose the lock on the time frame and party become lost in the prehistoric era.

The party enter the portal and discover a large river surrounded by plains and then a prehistoric jungle. Dinosaurs are moving around on the banks and in the river. Strange sounds seem to emanate from the jungle.

The setup base camp on a small hill which offers some protection and begin searching for the child on the assumption that the portal is about 1 mile or so from where the child went missing and will probably be about the same distance this side. Several days of searching occur with encounters from various dinosaurs occur – one memorable was a large flying dinosaur (Quetzalcoatlus) with a wing span of 30ft attacking them and taking/killing one of the marines.

During their stay the party tried to work out where they were on this world by looking at the stars – where they discovered something very strange. The stars were all in the correct position/alignment which should not have been possible considering the amount of time between the prehistoric age and the present day.

Eventually on the last day – just as the portal is due to open in a couple of hours the party discover clothing of the little boy covered in blood (trainer and shorts). In the pocket the party find a piece of screwed up paper. The party then decide to make a mad dash to the portal and arrive in time.

On the other side of the portal the party unravel the paper to read a flyer titled “Welcome to Hudson’s Nature Reserve – the last refuge of creatures of old”. Reading into it more it becomes obvious that the time portal was not a time portal but an alternate dimension portal.

That’s where we left it – queue all of the jumping through a portal and finding different worlds/society/timelines….. Think “Sliders….”

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Hi All,

So, the organization building these portals, are part of the government? Or is that something the PCs have to find out?

I decided to have the government running the "portal" - but where the portal and its design come from is another matter - in effect the characters are operating on government sanctioned missions. Though if you like the idea, the party could find the "portal" already built and operating - maybe a mad scientist or another organisation either on/off reality.

BTW, im curious, how did you gen the characters? Did they have minimum skill requirements (like investigation, firearms, etc?)

I decided to give them the premiss that they would be working as a small FBI team so investigators, policeman, scientists...etc were all viable options. I then allowed them to add a set amount of skill points to allow for the FBI training. Basically if the character could fit into an agent/consultant basis I allowed it.

Going forward, my group now have the option of operating on small/medium/large missions in sandbox worlds allowing for different GM's to easily take over. I can also throw the characters into post-apocalypse/science rich/historic/fantasy style worlds... thus keeping the game fresh

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