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JC (or canon) adventures on the Mirrorsea?


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Hi, all...

Are there any "adventures" written for the Mirrorsea?
Not looking for big campaigns (tho I could likely raid one for a small-scale (1-3 session) adventure), this would be "en route".

I don't recall any from Chaosium, but the JC catalogue has become so vast, I am certain that there's stuff there I don't know about.

At need, I can just toss in a few Wolf Pirates (or other brigand sorts); but it doesn't feel like there's much *story* there, without some substantive work-up.
Maybe a "toll" demanded by some ludochi, triolini, etc.

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To this point (and referencing Nick's handy catalog) there has not been any JC adventures for the Mirrorsea. I think you could reasonably pull some useful information and encounters out of Martin's Ships and Shores. 

Bog Struggles is probably the closest - a newtling based adventure which you could set at a river mouth somewhere around the Mirrorsea. 

You might be able to transplant the old Pavis scenario, Temple of Feroda, to somewhere around the Mirrorsea too (perhaps Lylket ruins). 

There's always the cursed/plague ship trope you could encounter floating at sea. 

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1 hour ago, jajagappa said:

... and referencing Nick's handy catalog ..

I'm trying to d/l from DTRPG right now.
It's being non-cooperative.  😡

Yeah, I expect S&SoSG is my best resource.
Already pulled out some art-references to share.
My wife's first reaction:  "an intelligent otter?!?  why didn't you tell me I could play an intelligent otter???"

( so  very  much looking forward to the print version, when the art gets finished !!! )

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