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Renekot’s Hope and Clan Dynamics

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3 hours ago, Super Thunder Bros. said:

any advice for adding some clan dynamics to the settlement?

Most of the relevant advice is in the two boxes: Welcome home (PP 141) and Growing Up in the Hope (PP 153). For some clan dynamics, I'd first have a look at it's location on the map (number nine), for me that doesn't really give a good feel for it, but look at the most up to date map here, in the top left hand corner south of the city of Bagnot (click to enlarge the map - it's big).

I'd then grab one of the clans that Jeff has outlined, like the Varmandi, Ernaldori, or Hiording, and reskin it (or do a mash-up) with the people from the setting. It's got a minor temple of Ernalda, and shrines to the Seven mothers and Orlanth. Make sure you've Anjara and Vila on the ring! (I would personally include Grandpa Uz too) Anla fills the chief position and you're off. The main dynamics are Lunar/Orlanthi/independent. Remember - Because the Hope was founded by a follower of the Red Goddess and an Ernaldan priestess, there is little religious conflict here. That doesn't mean that a cultural dynamic doesn't exist. They are between the major settlements of Bagnot and Shakers Temple, so that will have some effect.

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Ah thank you @David Scott this is exactly what I was looking for!

Someone has suggested to me that clan dynamics would completely change the character of the town, and to an extent I see that. But I don’t think adding a clan ring would do any harm.

I’m also considering when it comes time to enter adulthood, the characters families take them to clan homelands for initiations and rites. 

Oh and looking at Nick Brooke’s manifesto, separating the town into 3 families/groups should certainly create dynamics too

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