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THE MIDDLE SEA EMPIRE - Stafford Library Volume VIII


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the-middle-sea-empire.jpgAn Unfinished Work Concerning the Glory and Excesses of the Peoples Overseen, Protected and Exploited by the Godlearners.

The Middle Sea Empire is a Second Age Glorantha book detailing the empire of the Godlearners, from its humble beginnings to its epic destruction. A detailed history, King’s list and many geographical descriptions provide a wealth of gamable material. The Jrusteli tapped great powers through their Heroquesting as shown on the timeline included. Malkionism, from before Time, at The Dawn, and through the Second and Third Ages is shown through its many historical transitions.

By Greg Stafford and Jeff Richard. 56 Pages.

Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
b1.gif 116/420. High Priest.

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