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Mouse Guard in Pendragon?

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Hey, I've had this weird idea. I really like the comic series Mouse Guard from David Petersen and wanted to play it with my gf. It has an official rpg, but it's based on Burning Wheels which doesn't do it for me. There is also a conversion for Fate, which I'd use because I'm familiar with Fate, but I had the idea to use Pendragon with some BRP or Cthulhu Dark Ages bits.

Mouse Guard is basically Early/High Middle Ages but with mice and the titular Mouse Guard are something like knights (but more like rangers, I know) so I think it would fit.

What do you think?

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I think it would be very cool. But you’d have to change the “Knights” (aka mice)  from being highly over-powered in their world to being very weak and vulnerable in their world. It will all be about wits and teamwork rather than strength and honour. I think it could fit pretty well - though  I can’t help thinking that Questworlds would be a better fit. 

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I see no reason why it wouldn't work.

Obviously, you'd need to change the SIZ and STR scale, unless you want all PCs to have STR and SIZ 1 😆.

There's even room for having differences in Character Creation depending on your mice's starting region, even though I don't think the comic gives much information about this.

Note also that despite being primarily a simplified Burning Wheel, MouseGuard also drew inspiration from Pendragon. The way it treats weapons, and its combat system with 4 "stances" are clearly coming from it.

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