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  1. Oh it’s been many years since I played Pendragon. I had the first edition with the beautiful cover painting (and a few later editions). The game is a thing of total beauty. A work of art. These days I’m just running games for my daughters and their friends and they are more into Glorantha. I find the Pendragon news more interesting than Runequest news - but Runequest is the game I’ll be using.
  2. Not sure if I’ll be going back to Pendragon but I love the write up and I can’t wait to read more!
  3. One of my heros 😢
  4. I don’t care whether it’s a game tool or a novel, I’d just love to read Greg Stafford’s story, however fragmentary it is!
  5. I do like these “picture maps”. They create a great atmosphere like the picture on the Pavis box. But am I the only one that also wants some proper, flat, top down maps? They are more useful in a game. Not complaining about these maps - I do love them and think they’re awesome. They’re just a bit less useful than a flat map.
  6. Dude can seriously juggle a thousand projects.
  7. Omg, this looks amazing. Any hints about what’s going on with The Rainbow Mounds? Love the colours added to Rainbow Mounds map but it’s a shame people won’t be colouring it in themselves, like we all had to, to solve the mystery of the spectrum emanating adamantine pillar!
  8. The thing is, they were making their best stuff when they were still having those “sharing meetings”.....
  9. Uh oh, the guy presently responsible for all Gloranthan magic is sending out curses! Hide under your hats guys!
  10. This thread confirms that they were correct: role playing IS associated with devil worship! 🤪
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