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Sounder’s Watersmeet

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This thread is dedicated to Sounder’s Watersmeet which is a newer permanent trade post that is located on a rock outcrop at the confluence of Sounder’s River and its tributary, sometimes called Little Sounder. Its at the end of a trade route that runs over the Stormwalk Mts.

There is of course a shrine to the river in Watersmeet but also a deep well which is feed via an underground aquifer which is likely part of the Founder itself.

Sounder River is clean and fresh running from the Stormwalk Mts. It doesn’t become polluted until it’s close to the Devil's Marsh. The Block actually dams the river and prevents any taint from moving upstream.

Bits an pieces of this were taken from some older posts: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/swish-wrap.cgi?query=sounder&submit=Search!&metaname=swishdefault&sort=swishrank

Many Heortlanders and Pol Joni call it “Founder’s Watersmeet” as the river was originally known as Founder’s River. The term “sounder” is a Praxian name for the river which originates from the echoes one hears coming from the Good Canal downstream which Waha dug.

"Zola Fel has special hate for Waha, for in the Darkness Waha degraded and polluted Zola Fel's sister, the Good River, forcing her to wash away the remains of the Devil." pg. 173 ROC – is the Good River the Sounder’s River? The “river is extremely hostile towards Praxians which is one of the reasons why they leave the region to the Pol Joni, etc. I think she's also deranged so is very difficult to deal with and hates chaos with a passion. This makes her sympathetic to the Storm Bull cult.”

I am thinking there is a naiad thought to be a daughter of the river (still figuring out her name) whom also dislikes Praxians like her mother and her aunt, the Zola Fel.

Sounder’s Watersmeet is a newer permanent trading post stated by the Caprati Family of Backford about 1600. It had been a seasonal tented trading post but often groups wishing to trade often missed each other wishing to meet at this location. The post sends mostly skins, furs and animal products to Backford and on to Nochet via Bullflood. They purposely avoid Durengard to avoid further tolls on goods, animals or persons passing through as they have already paid once coming from Prax at Hoof Shrine. A loose trade agreement has been set up with the Capriati and the Uroxi at the Shrine and Bullflood, foodstuff and metals in exchange for skins and furs.

Backford sends more civilized goods to Prax, some luxury items but mostly practical items of metal and foodstuffs. Kettles, pots, buckles, combs, etc. dried fruit, grain and other agricultural items make the trip frequently. Shipments of lumber and worked shafts or handles for weapons and tools are also ubiquitous as are arrowheads.

Praxians that frequent this area seldom try to raid the small settlement as they think the waters there are haunted due to the numerous tales of past assailants drowning under strange circumstances. The inhabitants often speak of a naiad who is kind to benevolent Heotlanders and Pol Joni and malevolent to Praxians. Many of the locals here are of Pol Joni descendant,  

So there is a twist, Storm Bullers of the Stormwalk Mts and the Block are welcomed but typical Praxians besides the Pol Joni are not by the river or daughter the naiad.

The Poljoni herd their cattle and sheep in these hills, above the farming areas nearer the trading post but often need to fight off the animal nomads who raid here seeking metal goods and slaves.

Hides, fur, tanning products and supplies, metal goods, armor and weapons are bought and sold here for a price. There are several furriers working at Watersmeet and it is rumored that dwarven smiths are working the kilns here but that has not been confirmed.

Agricultural products are also in good supply here, some even say that Seolinthur’s Rudder must be at work in the sounding stepped farms rising away to the west from Watersmeet. Some irrigation canals off Sounder’s and little Sounder’s make provide ample water for farming.

Stone and adobe brick structures with a stout palisade made from timber brought down from higher altitudes make the settlement quite defensible as really only the western side is approachable but only after crossing the river upstream and the river seems to know when there is malicious intent.

Possibly the Pol Joni that settled near here are a missing or unnamed Dragon pass unit? Amber, Antil and Potor were named in an old Glorantha Digest posting… was there a fourth?

There was further discussion that Heortlanders settle here and so there could easily be a mix of the two groups.

I also read that “Barbarian Town was founded by Derek Pol Joni. While this is somewhat likely (at least that Derek brought new life to this likely traditional trading place)” and so Sounder’s Watersmeet could easily have been initially started by Pol Joni and enlarged with an influx of Heortlander traders?

“OTOH, if Barbarian Town was founded by the Pol-Joni, who have ties to the Dundealos, it should be a place for trade between those tribes - so why is it several days' travel from Dundealos, in lands which are desolate and/or occupied by unrelated clans? Maybe Dundealos borders used to extend further south and they have shrunk or migrated north for some reason? Perhaps these lands have become barren within recent history?”

From: Mr. Tines <tines_at_windsong.demon.co.uk>
Date: 08 Nov 1997 19:51 +0000

We had just departed from the Old Wind temple, when we ran into a troll hunting party, out of the Troll Woods, and were harried south past the Sounder's River before we managed to shake them. Lost in the foot-hills somewhere between Storm Walk mountain and Barbarian Town, we found a cultivated area, and, at last, a steading, where we sought hospitality.

We were shown to the moot hall to sleep (though Kathreda was retained amongst the rather unsettled women), and were surprised to see on the Thunder Post that Orlanth was depicted with a Solar halo; and in the morning we were roused from our slumber before sunrise to join in their dawn prayers.

After another simple breakfast of plain porridge, we were glad to make our departure from these strange, intense, simple people.

The clues given suggested that these people followed the heresy that it was not Yelm that rose at the Dawning, but Orlanth, who had retrieved the regalia and offices of the previous Emperor - as a necessity to allow the normal function of the laws of succession and inheritance, the office had to pass from the previous, and now dead, holder. With the regalia and offices came a whole bunch of other Yelmic baggage (puritanism, the deference of women and the like).

I feel the shape of the village is similar to Soldiers Ferry - Port from Griffin Mtn or Griffin Island, see clip far below. Not nearly as big but similar to shape and layout with possibly a short tower at the eastern end. Not sure about the whole notion of settlement offering porridge being that of Watersmeet but it could be a smaller village south of Watersmeet?

Comments welcomed.

image.png.25d999bfba5d697cf16beb3e785e34e9.png image.png.a2605b2022753f2900bca12d4e3d2f79.png


  image.png.55ec27ae7757f477d0164104e4e99cb6.png image.png.e8d55fa19a06162dfd31fc9dc3db32fd.png image.png.f9ff8871c16abe14e6477cd9c9efe43f.png


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The Barbarian horde units are detailed in Martin Helsdon's Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass using access to Greg's background notes. IIRC, Amber, Potor and Antil include one High Llama band and one Rhino band following Jaldon.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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8 hours ago, Joerg said:

using access to Greg's background notes

I was thinking the old posts were suggesting a 4th unit that may have been Pol Joni which doesn't matter, I'll check it out.

The thought that Pol Joni and Heortlands are both settled around the post and trade in 3-4 directions works well.

I just need to fit out the denizens, the inn, dry goods store, stables, militia, its a really good locations for a crossroads village.

8 hours ago, Joerg said:


It shows 2 Amber 1st and 2nd... Praxian High Llama Tribe plus members of other tribes is the 2nd Amber makeup. Thank you Joerg.

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