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Laraval Library & Iron Books

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So looking at the Laraval Library.

 Mr. Metcalfe noted in 2001 "Since Lavaral is known to be pre-Lunar, Furthest is excluded as a possible location. The only significant cities are either Dunstop or Bagnot, the former Royal Capital. I lean towards Bagnot myself."

So, is it in Bagnot and is it like other LM libraries? Likely it's has not been extensively remodeled to be more Lunar in appearance as it was sealed with iron?

There was note of Iron Books which the Lunars could not remove and so the library was sealed with iron.

Is there an idea on a Hero Quest for some LM scholars where they might be able to get to the books and discover forgotten knowledge?

Guessing some LM scholars were sealed inside? Could they still be alive or are they some sort of demented wraith or demon if so?

Guessing most LM sages would have relocated to non-Lunar areas to places like the Heortland or Nochet?

Are there archives there that the history of the Gold Wheel Dancers in it?

Did it used to have used to have a "big draw" that attracted scholars and or pilgrims from far and wide?

Did Mr. Purple ever study there (secretly) and do the LM's have the ability to get in without the Lunas knowing?

What is in the Iron Books? (do the hold the secret of the God Learners)

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Why a HeroQuest? Sneaking in via some secret entrance that bypasses the (sealed) front doors, to access secret knowledge within, sounds like an excellent adventure for a group of PCs. The secret entrance is presumably in somewhere nearly as difficult to access - what is now a Lunar temple, perhaps. 

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