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  1. davecake

    Regimental Information

    Every time you show any of your work I just want to read it more!
  2. Jar-Eel is the Red Goddess, made manifest in human form. I bet by the end of the third Age, she is able to pull the Yelmgatha trick - prove that 6 of the 7 parts of herself are the same as the goddess, excepting only her physical body.
  3. I’m not saying they necessarily haven’t - just that Draconic Illumination is not simply knowledge, but a deeper transformation. A Thanatari with draconic consciousness could cast dragon magic, they just probably have to acquire it through mystic practice like everyone else.
  4. Illumination is less a simple experience, and more a profound transformation of the self. It is notoriously difficult to communicate. I do not think Consume Mind will do it. And on rereading the description of the Create Head ritual, the spells are not created directly by the spirit within the head, but are cast by the heads owner (ie via Mind Link). So I think I will change my position to agree with Jeff - simply creating a dragonnewt head ghost does not give the Thanatari that power either, the Thanatari simply does not have the right kind of soul. A Thanatari might be able to compel the trapped dragonnewt soul to perform Dragon magic? But that would be a case by case, and basically a campaign specific call.
  5. davecake

    Vampires and Spell Drain

    I haven't seen anything to indicate most of his major agents are anything other than Talokan demons or other underworld demons. Literally all we know about his the Unliving Horde is that they were dead and in the Underworld, and then they came back to the surface world. I think any information about the nature of his undead followers is highly speculative - but if I was to speculate, it would be that liches and mummies (Revenants according to the RQG Bestiary), which are essentially undead who never enter the Underworld due to being bound in their bodies, are the least appropriate. The Unliving army are beings who escape from the Underworld and return, and most would be bodiless ghosts IMO, or ghouls or zombies if embodies. Vampires would be those rare few who seek out serving Nontraya voluntarily, from fear of death, rather than the Unliving horde, most of whom are driven out of the Underworld by the Talokans. I would tend to link Nontraya with the vampiric abilities to create undead servants. Yes. The talokans 'whipped the Unliving Horde into action.' There are quite a few underworld monsters in there as well, but the majority are simply souls of the dead who are part of the army from fear of the Talokans. Humakt and Nontraya would seem to be opposites - Humakt wishes to keep the living and the dead separate, Nontraya wishes to intermingle them. The 'sleeping but not dead' aspect identifies the similarities of the goddesses, but not their opponents. And yes, you could postulate Ty Kora Tek priestesses who are Illuminated and literally spending their time doing the exact opposite of their cults sacred role - but that is going straight into the Dark side of Illumination I would think, and would still be opposed vehemently by other Illuminated . If it happens, it would be a hideous clan secret whose revelation would mark the clan as major villains, I would think.
  6. davecake

    Regimental Information

    I'm not saying that you have to - I'm saying that you will not answer the question of 'who are the Baron's Friends?' until you have identified which Baron we are talking about, and there is currently only one candidate. If you don't believe Mularik is the Baron talked about here, then come up with another hypothesis or leave the question unanswered. I am astonished you got that much info from Published sources - are there major public sources I am missing? The majority of units seem to have a single sentence or two, apart from the stats block in published materials. I gather a significant amount of work was done for a planned miniatures game at some point, I don't think if this is the material that has been published on glorantha.com by Jeff (at least for the Lunars) or whether there is a pile of unpublished work somewhere.
  7. I don't think every group that takes heads as trophies are Thanatari, or Chaotic. There are several good reasons to take heads as trophies that don't involve potentially eternal psychic enslavement and torture. For one, removal of the head would seem to prevent easy resurrection. Heal Body isn't going to grow a whole new head, so anyone that wants to resurrect your hated enemy is going to have to chase you down and retrieve the head pretty quick. It enables you to verify who you have killed, so you can boast with confidence. Historically this was occasionally done so soldiers could verify the numbers they had killed for payment purposes. It has the potential value of insulting the victim and their family, by preventing the burial of their remains. Or asking for a ransom as part of making a peace making process (force your defeated enemies to agree to peace terms in order to properly bury their family). It may be used in sympathetic magic to summon the spirit of the deceased - eg via Ty Kora Tek magic. This may allow you to perform all sorts of unfinished business with the deceased, including serving your community in some way, or even concluding legal business. You are part of the Cannibal Cult, and you wish to become smarter. And I'm sure that there are a few more I haven't thought of.
  8. davecake

    Vampires and Spell Drain

    It is pretty much Nontraya's defining power, and the talokans are a whole menagerie in themselves: If you don't think Nontraya's demon army is special, well that is pretty much all he has. He is able to work on a 'non-volunteer crowd' mostly by whipping them into action with his horde of demons. Ernalda falling asleep is the Great Darkness myth, and so a core part of her mythology. Nontraya is a small part of that myth. Ty Kora Tek opposes the creation of undead for the most part, and while the rites of her cult involve the dead occasionally the world of life, ghosts/spirits of the dead are not undead. A Ty Kora Tek priestess involved in undead summoning would normally be apostate. (though personally I think it becomes more common as the Hero Wars really kick in)
  9. davecake

    Regimental Information

    My point is not so much that Mularik must be the baron referred to - it is more that there isn't any other Baron we know of, and it's a Western title so there isn't likely to be another one. If there is another plausible explanation I'd like to hear it - my current campaign is Tarsh based. The Baron Sanuel unit seems quite different to Mulariks men - not just a rename but changing infantry to cavalry, gaining huge amount of magic, etc. But yeah, it would be nice for some published info. I'm actually surprised you have been able to find even a whole short paragraph on so many of the others.
  10. Not routinely, but I'm sure it happens. I'm quite sure the more morally compromised aspects of EG Lunar Intelligence, noble house Dart Warriors, etc find them a useful asset. Though I'm sure they also want to keep them away from (or very closely supervised) the core institutions of the Empire.
  11. davecake

    Vampires and Spell Drain

    Who says they have to? There are numerous examples of the same entity being magically approached through multiple names, with some differences. Nontraya has command of his talokan demons, who sound like a pretty different bunch of beings than Vivamorts normal tactics. I don't get any particular hint of 'nobility' from Nontraya. He commands a horde of vicious demons. He opens the door to the Underworld, but that doesn't mean the dead are all his minions. It is part of Ty Kora Tek's role to send such back to where they belong.
  12. davecake

    Regimental Information

    I think from about 1625- 1630, Mularik is probably pretty focussed on the eventual conquest of Tarsh. And after 1630 he rules it. But I was never presuming that the Baron's Friends were his own troops from the West, but rather a magical group he had organised within Old Tarsh - it is pretty clear that Mulariks own army is a small factor compared to the presence of Mularik, a minor hero, himself. Note that there is already a unit organised by him - Baron Sanuel is a Sartar Free Army infantry unit. And if it isn't him, we need to find another Baron.
  13. davecake

    Vampires and Spell Drain

    FWIW on this one (fully aware that Peter considers me one of the usual suspects here): - the idea that the gods get to decide what gets done with their rune magic after it has been granted seems to be the primary argument against vampires stealing Rune magic, and appears to have no basis in Gloranthan reality. Spell Trading exists, Atyar Consume Mind exists, etc. But not only that - even becoming an apostate might remove your ability to renew your Rune magic, but not the ability to cast it, and in many cults it appears that Spirits of Retribution exist for the purpose of removing Rune magic from apostates. And then, of course, Illumination makes it clear that it is the mind of the initiate that carries the magic, and there are no meaningful restrictions on the use of granted magic to someone who does not mentally alert Spirits of Retribution etc. It appears to be a pretty core part of Gloranthan metaphysics that once the power is granted to the cultist, the god has no active control over it after that point. In fact, vampires CAN use Rune points in RQG ("If a vampire already had Rune points from its former life, it would keep them."). - is it scary? For some of the same reasons Illuminates are scary, and Thanatar is scary. It makes an antagonists powers unknown and hard to predict and defend against. It also, like sanity in CoC or level drains in D&D, changes how the possible outcomes of a battle goes - Players are used to fights that leave them either dead or better off, and generally may not feel the latter that much, from expectations about how PC death may be handled. Rune Point drain is a mechanic that makes it very clear the encounter may leave characters alive, but permanently weakened. Players generally hate that. Chopping people up with a scimitar is really really scary, or an (MP draining admittedly) punch? I don't quite understand what you are saying Peter. And MOBs notes here are pretty clear that for that particular vampire, the scary thing isn't that he can steal your spells (he is trying to kill you quickly, not feed), but that he already has stolen spells - and that gives him the edge that will likely let him defeat very powerful PCs, as he has a big array of stolen spells to use (many pointless in combat, but including a lot of useful combat magic like Shield, Truesword, Lightning, Madness, Crack, etc. ) - is it in myth or pop culture? It certainly occurs in pop culture (the idea of magical power being transferred between magical creatures by blood drain is present in properties like Anita Blake or True Blood), in myth we have sympathetic magic as a magical link - but it hardly matters. Gloranthan vampires are both blood drinkers, and separately psychic vampires, and the idea of taking magical power is arguably inherent in the psychic vampire concept, which isn't that connected to the mythic blood drinker. Besides, Rune spells are a more or less uniquely Rune Quest concept, why would we expect the idea of vampires draining Rune magic to even exist? - Peter hasn't seen anything cool in many years of asking? Well yes, because he declares anything he doesn't like uncool. This is not a strong argument. - the Daughters of Darkness don't have the power? Well no. I do think the Daughters are vampires in most meaningful respects, but they also aren't quite the same as the vampires of Vivamort it appears. It may be a mystery of Delecti exactly how they differ. - claims its not represented in stories we have about vampires? Literally there are almost no stories about specific vampires in Glorantha, apart from the Vivamort writeup in Cults of Terror, and that writeup says "He used his demonic abilities to rip Power from the harried gods " which sounds ok to me. If you don't like the idea that the gods have limited control over Rune magic once it is granted, the worshipper must have an on ongoing magical connected to the gods, which could be used to 'rip power' from them. Either metaphysical justification works. Note that we have no myths that explain *most* vampire abilities, or anything other than second hand assumption of earth myths. Why can vampires turn into bats or wolves? Even though there are bat and wolf gods, we have no myth. Why basilisks? No myth. Why enthrallment? no myth. We have standards being applied to the spell stealing power that are applied to no other powers. You want myths? Perhaps it is related to the vampire lords of Tanisor being Nysaloran, and creating means to steal power in defiance of the gods will via means similar to that that allows Illuminates to use magic in ways their gods would hate. Or perhaps it is something to do with Nontraya being the Taker. Or it is a ritual the vampire kings learnt from ancient Vadeli grimoires (that the Vadeli never use, because it threatens their immortality). Or something awful the God Learners discovered. Whatever justification you like. There was never a published RQ3 Vivamort cult - and there was a published vampire with piles of stolen Rune magic. So, it is unclear. Personally, I am inclined to think it isn't a default power of vampires, but then, the Vivamort cult (and presumably the Nontraya cult) are known to do plenty of things that aren't intrinsic vampire powers, such as creating Basilisks. So, I'm sticking with stealing Rune magic as not a power that all vampires have, but that some vampires might have in your game. Which ones we might never have an official answer to, but don't let that stop you - we might never have an official answer (unless the Forgotten Vampire Monograph mysteriously appears).
  14. davecake

    Group tasks

    I tend to run these sort of situations very similarly to a HeroQuest simple group contest these days. Every person has a roll of an appropriate skill, a net number of successes determines the degree of success (eg every succeeds and the group goes in quickly an silently - successes outnumber failures means the group goes slowly and cautiously). Criticals and Fumbles generate opportunities for an interesting challenge, or add/bypass obstacles - a fumble might mean one member is surprised by a guard and must try to kill them quickly and silently, a critical might give an opportunity to steal keys, or let the character overhear useful conversation. I'm generally pretty generous in these situations about Augments, as you don't want to, for example, prevent an entire party using stealth because one member is lacking in it.
  15. davecake

    Regimental Information

    I assumed the Baron in The Baron's Friends is Mularik aka Baron Sanuel. I'm not aware of any other Baron involved anywhere else close to Tarsh, and it makes sense that Mularik would organise allies from Old Tarsh prior to the invasion of Tarsh. That would imply the units high Magic would be due Mularik himself or his sorcerous assistants etc. The Old School are mounted magicians aren't they? And presumed to be Earth magicians in most discussion I've seen, including the (non-canonical) write up in In Wintertops Shadow, which has them as a group including all traditional Earth cults (and Kero Fin/ Sorana Tor traditions) opposed to the Hon-Eel cult.