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  1. Yeah, wasn’t a great result for the Emperor himself. Not so bad for the Empire, though. Nomads weakened for generations, Empire does fine right up until the Dragonrise and that Argrath fellow. And accidentally nuking yourself is what happens when your go to power move is unleash Chaos. I suspect the Orathorn sorcerers are still trying to put things back together too.
  2. It should be entirely unsurprising that the core magic of the Lunar College of Magic is Lunar divine magic, supplemented and extended by Illumination, because thats the core magic of the Lunar Empire and Lunar religion. Both descriptions of the Lunar Minor and Major Classes, and the example of She That Strikes From Afar in the bestiary, support this. They have Lunar regimental spirits, priests of various Lunar deities some of whom are mindlinked to the wyter, and the majority of magicians discorporate and spiritually travel with the wyter, supporting it in attack. This includes Jakaleel shamans and sorcerers (mostly from the Irrippi Ontor cult), but their core magic is priestly, and almost all their magic is Lunar. The Major Class magicians in particular are all experienced Illuminants, and so are likely to supplement this with being members of multiple obscure Lunar cults, plus use of Chaos and some Red Goddess cult special magic. Of course the LCM includes other magic - I think the Spell Archers include many Solar priests, particularly Yelm the Elder, and the Comet Seers are star magic users, probably largely Buserian sorcerers. But even these are outnumbered by the specialist units of other Lunar magic. The Crater Makers. The Seven of Vistur I tend to think of as Lunar sorcerers - mostly experts in long slow powerful ritual. The Blue Moon School. Of course The Crimson Bat. And besides the Bat, a lot of Chaos forces bolster the LCM covertly. In particular the Vampire Legion. It's not clear how widespread this was in Hon-Eels time. To double down on the most powerful core Lunar magics and to use their Chaotic powers. And while it was horrible, it was largely successful, destroying nomad power for generations. I don't think there was all that much sorcery involved on the Lunar side, though it's always in the mix.
  3. The Lunar regimental magic can involve sorcery, but I think is mostly not.
  4. Dwarves are not the same as ancestral Mostali, and almost all the time references to Mostali are to dwarves. The number of Ancestral Mostali still alive seems to be in the dozens across all Glorantha, and in general they are not active in the world. Dwarves have the Man rune. They reproduce sexually. They are not very obviously sexually dimorphic, and it doesn’t seem to be a major factor in the lives of normal Mostali. Generally speaking the Mostali seem not to like thinking about it (for one thing, it highlights a big difference between Clay Mostali and the Ancestral Mostali). Other Mostali, like the Flintnail cult, may feel differently. The Pavis cult has a grimoire that includes magic to allow Man rune races to interbreed. Presumably this explains dwarfs interbreeding with the daughters of Pavis. Pavis is said to have written the grimoire - but presumably did so after learning about the magic used to create himself, a half-elf.
  5. Spontaneous? I always thought it was a deliberate magical effect (and Pavis cult has a grimoire to make it happen).
  6. Mularik being both a sorcerer and a warrior just tells us he is not bound caste restrictions, and has the resources to train as both. Many sorcerers aren’t bound by caste restrictions, we already know he is Arkati and so likely to be from a Hrestoli tradition not conservative Rokari. being a sorcerer and a warrior is the norm for Loskalm, for example. The iron eye that sees into the other world is pretty special, though.
  7. I'd be happy to playtest for you.
  8. All true - but then, could also be a Yanafals hero cult for a female hero too. We are both extrapolating from inadequate info. TBH the fact that both characters have the same two runes and the vagueness makes me think they were meant to have more detail filled in later. Another possibility is that Diovena worships Yara Aranis. Mirin's Cross has a Temple of The Reaching Moon, and of course the troops associated with her are horse hating infantry.
  9. Hwarin Dalthippa is a possibility, but there are a few arguments against - Hwarin Dalthippa is a movement deity whose regiments are spear/javelin wielding peltasts or light cavalry, not swordsmen, and doesn't have the Death Rune. Probably just Yanafals. Though as a devotee, she is definitely a Rune Lord of whoever it is. I agree Rugenath would most likely be Yanafals or 7M.
  10. OR I could pick any of the many hundreds of locations which has only a paragraph in the guide. and choose to focus work on them, and leave areas with a fairly interesting and inspiring back story as a source of inspiration. There are many dozens of areas in the guide that are obvious allusions to literary sources. Why single out Sanctuary {and Karse) as being problematic because they are linked to gaming material in addition to literary?
  11. FWIW while you clearly need to map the deities etc from Sanctuary to Gloranthan equivalents, I don't think there is a strong reason not to otherwise use Sanctuary as a basis for Refuge. Lunar Empire for Rankan Empire (noting that Lunar Empire often really means the Lunar provinces, not the heartland), and Ilsig as the Heortlings, etc. I like the Order of the Blue Star as a small group of Blue Moon associated sorcerers - mostly because the we could do with a bit of interesting background for God Forgot generally, a very underdeveloped area compared to most of its numbers, and a Blue Moon connection makes sense.
  12. You'd think that, but the Spiral Dance is a phrase referred to Lunar or pre-Lunar
  13. I have thought about doing a class conversion of druids for a more generic shaman.
  14. A lot of those caught outside communities (eg outlaws and bandits) are going to turn to propitiary worship of the winter gods, who will be enjoying a rare chance to dance in the valleys. When turning to (propitiary?) Valind worship is one of the good options, you are in a bad place. Valind is a miserable deity who kills many of those who try to become priests, and whose priests tend to ally with the ice demons against the rest of humanity. There is that wonderfully macabre bit in the S:KoH clan creation system in which one of the great Darkness survival stories is making skates from the bones of your dead fathers and escaping the monsters by skating on the ice. Actually Melbourne (where MOB lives) is regarded as pretty cold by Australian standards! Still warm for most of you - ie does not get snow - but nothing compared to a Perth summer, and then there are the really hot parts of the country, some of which make Death Valley look comparitively lush.
  15. It does mean a warrior with an Iron weapon is very effective at spirit combat, and that is a big change to Glorantha. But not only do shamans have much better defences, a spirit can retreat from a warrior pretty trivially, and there isn't much you can do about it.
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