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  1. The seduction is the only one that strictly requires magic that isn’t common divine, but all of them are within the range of magic known by an Orlanthi (Charisma spell from Eurmal covers seduction).
  2. Basically, the new GoG says there are few meaningful divine differences between Lhankor Mhy and Buserian (apart from different allied cults), and the God Learners treated them as different names for the same God, and the GL are substantially correct. It takes a similar course for a lot of deities. They have the same Divine spells (apart from allies), and both use sorcery (though the sorcery spells are substantially different -Buserian is much more into celestial magic). IO is a Lunarised version of Buserian, so has a different set of allied cults, and some access to Lunar Rune magic and Sorcery.
  3. In practical terms, I think this more or translates from Western to Elasa script. i also don’t think it really ‘works’ flawlessly - translating spells from a Western grimoire is still really impractical without knowing Western, but a Lhankor Mhy who does know Western can relatively easily produce a version of the spell for other Lhankor Mhy to use. As far as corruption, not really sure if this is a real thing or not.
  4. Compare Cronisper, as fire energy descending from the Sky to mate with the Earth/divine power descending.
  5. That’s probably Hanjethulut (like Zorak Zoran, but not associated with trolls) and Orjethulut (like Humakt), two Fonritian war gods that fought everyone else, but then made peace. They are fierce rivals, but do not attach other unless their numbers are unequal (a strict census ensures their numbers are equal by sacrificing the excess).
  6. Sure, just not tropical pygmies.
  7. davecake

    Runes of Selarn

    Yeah, Divination block is Illusion, and as that was Selarns spell in RQ3, so I’m sure they still have it. Lanbril could be the generic thief god, and he has Illusion, Disorder. Mastery. The interesting thing about Selarn is the brotherhood claims to predate the Dawn, so they are older than modern Fonrit, older than the Garangardites, presumably once a Veldang cult. Which means all that mysterious thievery could be blue moon related maybe. Or even, at a real stretch, Vadeli.
  8. When Garangordos and friends leave Laskal, they are not yet the Glorious Ones, but only after heroquesting in Fonrit. I don’t think they ever conquered Laskal. Neither are politically defined, both contain multiple polities.
  9. No, the Vadeli have contact with the slarges, just the very negative contact of the Slarges destroying Oabil. But we don’t really know much about what happens to them between their creation in the Holden Age and their attack on Oabil though. We know there are stories of ugly wars between the slarges and the Doradfi of Tarien,, but we don’t know when. I think there is a story about how the Golden Age pelmre became the slarges with their weird two stage reproduction, but what that is, no one but the slarges are telling.
  10. But does not pre-date the Doraddi. I don’t think Seseine was a cult invented/discovered in Fonrit, I think if anywhere the cult originates with the Vadeli in Oabil, or when the Vadeli encounter the Artmali. Yeah, but the Doraddi sexualise that WAY more. Their ritual magic is often orgies. Seseine isn’t about seduction because you sexually desire the person and want to make that desire mutual. That is normal and healthy. Seseine is about using desire to manipulate for selfish reasons, about treating others as pawns and toys, which is corrupt and creepy and therefore. Seseine is seduction without caring about the one seduced. (But yes, Afidisa is a beauty and very desirable)
  11. I agree. I’m actually really curious as to whether this is an intended or unintended aspect of the rules design, but the rules really encourage sorcerers who want to be able to mitigate some of the problems of sorcery to have a lot of spirits, and particularly to cast spirit magic ‘second hand’ by having spirits that can cast it for them. I’m not sure whether this makes sorcerers more or less ‘sorcerous’ feeling. Sorcerers may even differ in their opinions.
  12. I think they might have seen that trick before.
  13. Bound spirits come under the general category of ‘magic point generators’. But someone has to know Binding Enchantment, and to summon and bind the spirit, which is a lot of work. It is clearly a good idea, but it’s also a big investment of resources. The spirit magicians probably have a bit of advantage here - I wonder if there are penalties for sorcerers using magic items from other traditions? Of course, in Malkioni society, someone else learns those spells and keeps churning them out for the common good, and there are probably a few lying around from previous generations. I assume sorcerous societies give out such magic items to new magi the way divine cults give out Allied Spirits and iron armour and such to their priests and Rune lords. They sure are, though I suspect most are in objects not animals. Allied spirits are really super handy for sorcerers though, as the memorise spells for you!
  14. I certainly hope so. They still are unlikely to improve much beyond their starting levels unless the rules are radically different. i think they may have to be quite radically different to make Loskalmi Men-of-All work under the rules, and they aren’t fun to play under the rules that will be a deep disappointment.
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