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  1. I know very little! Somewhere, I have copies of a couple of the hand-outs Greg made, I think Greg brought a bunch of them to RQ Con Down Under or something, or MOB had some and handed them out? And I was told that Greg made them to hand out at Burning Man or similar events. I could post scans if I ever find them again, but don't know if I could find them. I do remember most of the rants - if ancient wisdom is the best wisdom, then the older the better - and what is older than trilobytes? Obviously the wisest of all.
  2. That makes a surprising amount of sense. One that had many descendants (metaphorically at least) that the formed the original cults among more mortal races (humans and Aldryami, anyway), who later realised the connection and combined the cults.
  3. Immanent Mastery, by Greg's definition, is not mysticism because it doesn't use mystic methods at all. It uses pretty straight forward Rune Magic mostly, even though it has mystic goals. And almost everyone outside the cult would say their goals are misguided, misunderstood, and mystically pointless - the basic idea is that, rather than doing all that Darudic dragon mysticism sitting around and meditating stuff that seems so dull, and trying to transform your soul into a draconic one, just turn your body into a draconic one instead. Surely, once your body is that of a dragon, you'll get
  4. Yeah, I think Sheng is Maximum Bad Mysticism, not just getting to be about as accomplished a mystic as you can be before he fails, but also finding pretty much the nastiest version of a magical doctrine you can get, with his 'life is slavery, torture is strength, civilisation is weakness' stuff. I think the Kralorelans are mostly pretty much on the path of very dubious mystic abuse, though, by building an Empire of temporal power on dragon magic. They have a whole system they justify to themselves, of course, reshaping the otherworld (the Summerland heaven etc) for their purposes, but is it a
  5. Well, you can be a mighty Illuminated hero, just as Krishna explains in the Bhavagad Gita - just you have to treat Illumination as a source of insight and guidance, rather than a source of cool exploits of the magic system, and that is an annoyingly tempting line to cross, and in practice somewhat subjective.
  6. I think that Irensavalism can have connections to Illumination, but post-Arkat they are concealed and not overt. I think they are still there - but you have to know where to look (it seems obvious to me as an outsider that Talor is Illuminated, and his Apocypha contains some hints about Illumination (and is part of the modern Loskalm Canon), and it is well hidden from the laity. First, prove yourself as wise enough to learn sorcery, then explore the gnostic wisdom, only when you have fully understood Joy (and submitted to many examinations of the spirit) can you then be trusted to experiment w
  7. Sorry, no. Black and white thinking like that is false in real life and false in Gloranthan Illumination. Indeed. And if you really think that obeying the laws and scruples of your society is so important that you must stamp out and destroy the things that allow you to question them... Ompalam invites you to subscribe to his newletter...
  8. My favourite model for an allied or bound spirit is Loiosh, Vlad Taltos's familiar in the series by Steven Brust, a continual supplier of snark and sarcasm. But that's just one of many ways to make allied or bound spirits full of annoying personality. Humakti allied spirits that are continually advocating to cast Sword Trance, because it's the only time they think their master has their priorities correct. Troll allied spirits that are constantly castigating their masters for being insufficiently violent and murderous. Or constantly reminding them to do things for their mother. Lhankor M
  9. I just love Chaotic Mostali as potential villains. I don't want Krarsht to be the only Chaotic force they revere, but she is the most obvious vector, tunneling into Mostali territory directly bypassing their defenses - and not just in the Tunnelled Hills, but I've also put Chaos Mostali beneath the ruins of the Clanking City, and in the parts of the Jords Eye complex that have not fully been reclaimed since the underground wars against Krarsht there (IMG Jords Eye is now a functional city, but the parts that were too Chaotic just got walled off - and then Sheng busted the place up and large ch
  10. I thought that one was just obvious. Chalana Arroy is multiple cults melded together - Chalana Arroy = Xemela Arroin, which is probably Theyalans recognising their 'White Lady' in a Western hero cult and a Fronelan elf cult and smushing them together into one cult. Happens early because they have a tradition of being wanderers. And Eurmal only joins the Lightbringer Quest in the West in some versions, when he is rescued from being executed by the inhabitants of Sorcerer Town. Which would mean that though we think of the Lightbringers Quest as mostly
  11. Yes. Which generally implies YarGan was associated with one or more of those groups, the Waertagi most obviously. Got overthrown half a continent away at Nida, in a dramatic reversal involving the Mostali - and we know different things (eg becoming mingled with the Vingkotlings) happened to the Kachasti other places, and there are plenty of areas (including the other end of the Janube) where Brithini survived without significant challenge from the Vadeli, you are trying to turn a remote local myth into a universal one. Well, in the sense we can't prove a negative in con
  12. Why would they be selective? You’d think they’d have some of the best access to Arkati teaching. While the Lunar College of Magic does have access to Carmanian and Spolite lore, with pretty much all the Carmanian sorcery in their archives after a few centuries of investigation, the core of Lunar sorcery seems to be a variant on Buserian celestial magic, Lunarised at first by Irripi Ontor and later by his cult. A random Lunar sorcerer might know how to summon Spolite demons of the deep darkness - but is much more likely to know how to invoke the power of the Red Moon and oth
  13. My understanding is that the YarGan sorcery using peoples being Waertagi is more or less canon, as there are other references to a Waertagi tribe that goes up the Janube. But the reference to YarGan being Vadeli is not, and seems much harder to justify. Though we know that Vadeli sorcerous techniques (the Telendarian school) were used in Fronela several thousand years later, because if they weren’t then Talor wouldn’t have needed to ban them. But that is much much later.
  14. Meh, you could definitely make the argument that enchant iron doesn’t provide extra armour points, it makes the metal harder and the extra APs are just one of many side effects. If you wanted to justify it.
  15. Guys, arguing about Sunspear vs woad is fine, but you aren’t arguing with me, but with the official rules clarification about Sunspear I disagree as well (because I don’t think woad should mean Yelm worshippers will take you out), but that’s a house rule that contradicts the official rules clearly. FWIW, I often disagree with the rules clarifications too - sometimes they seem clearly misguided. And removing all the rules clarification threads from the forums so they only appear without their original context, and so I spent several minutes searching for this easy before I realised it
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