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  1. I think almost all of the specific claims theory are wrong, but plausibly things that idiot God Learners might have believed, and thus the theory as a whole plausible.
  2. Or this is the far south, and it’s the Red Camp of Innocence becoming the Blue Fire Sea.
  3. The Vadeli may, of course, try - but historically failure to manipulate Slarges seems to have been the downfall of the Vadeli empire in Pamaltela. The Vadeli proved adept at manipulating the Artmali/Veldang, but maybe Slarges are not human enough to manipulate emotionally, and too individualist/eccentric to easily manipulate with logic. I do have a theory that the Doraddi Slarge creation myth does not mention the unique bicyclic reproduction cycle and the difference between giant and lesser Slarges, so there may be some later myth era about how the species was split in two, known to few bes
  4. The Waertagi are also associated mostly with Piscoi mermen, who they have interbred with, which means most likely the Malasp. While the Waertagi are said to have been allied with the Ludoch of the Mirrorsea during the reign of the OOO, it does seem likely there are quite significant tensions between the Ludoch and the Waertagi, given how much the Ludoch and the Malasp hate one another (for various reasons including the Malasp tendency to regard cetaceans as tasty food).
  5. The flaw in the ‘Vadeli claim credit for the Slarges’ plan is that, thanks to the Slarges destroying their empire, there basically are no Vadeli around in the areas where that would be useful. The Slarges appear to have destroyed all inland presence of the Vadeli.
  6. Most of them are coastal. I think the Vadeli, without their higher castes, are not really able to organise themselves as an organised force away from the coast. They used to have an alliance with the Wolf Pirates, but I think no more. But there are a small number in Nochet, and probably in other coastal cities - and probably Brown Vadeli traders, mostly. I think quite minor in all cases - though the Vadeli might explain why Ralzakark and the Lunars appear to know of Seseine. I don’t know of anything they’ve done in central Peloria, actually. the slavery magic of Fonrit
  7. The Waertagi are said to have interbred specifically with the Piscoi. And the other Piscoi avoid the surface, and appear to hate non-aquatic people even more. So the Waertagi almost certainly cooperate with the Malasp - it’s more plausible than extensive cooperation with Yssabau or Gnydron, and both those races are far smaller than the Malasp. I think it’s likely the Waertagi enlisted the Malasp to help destroy the God Learners, as their revenge for Tanian’s Victory. IMO the Vadeli welcomed Hrestol and his followers as Judges because they were literally unable to solve ce
  8. Well, that certainly sounds like my experience of festivals. Just the minstrels have electronic amplification now. The latrine digger will no doubt have strong opinions about not putting inappropriate things in the latrines and only using the bronze age equivalent of single ply toilet paper.
  9. I think Fonrit sees itself more or less like Kush to a broader Pamaltelan Egypt, but long after the fall of the New Kingdom. The Agimori of Fonrit see themselves as the true heirs to the great ancient Doraddi civilisation of Tishamto to the South (only they have kept its civilization alive thanks to its rediscovery by the Glorious ones, none of this Doraddi 'progress backwards' stuff), and see themselves as sort of worshipping the same deities in a new, better, way, a natural continuation. They are, of course, mostly wrong about almost all of that. Garangordos justified conquest of the V
  10. I think that the FHQ must allow herself to be possessed by Sorana Tor in the various sovereignty rites, including her sacred marriage with the King of Dragon Pass. But I am sure there is a lot more to it than that. When there is a blood sacrifice, it can sometimes be to Maran Gor, if it an enemy of the Earth etc. But I think the sacred marriage is about, in part, the King offering himself as a potential sacrifice to the Land Goddess (in this case Kero Fin) if he does not fulfill his duties to the Earth. It is acknowledging that the Land is the real source of sovereignty.
  11. Ana Gor is the goddess of human sacrifice, and it is her that manifests as Sorana Tor. She is not the same goddess as Maran Gor. But Maran Gor (as Erantha Gor the axe goddess) is one of the deities she permits to human sacrifice when it is not necessary, and I think Maran Gor serves Sorana Tor in appreciation of that relationship. I think all the grain goddesses have the right to accept human sacrifice, just very few of them do - Hon-Eel has genuinely discovered an ancient Earth rite, rather than creating a new Lunar one, with her maize rites. And the Earthshakers are angry at the Hon-Ee
  12. Indeed, we have very different philosophies. When something might change the basic balance of the world, upset the existing status quo completely, and make quite limited sense in terms of basic physical limits (why can't a ship that can carry a few thousand people sail down a river a few feet deep?), you still like to give PCs options for how things might happen. For me, it kind of ruins the point of playing in an established setting. But if Derek the troll can kill Harrek, I'm sure he can also float a giant city sized boat down a creek. YGDoesV.
  13. While obviously yes, it is almost certain that it is easier to get your POW/RPs up than master 5 skills. It is easy to get a POW gain roll every season - but not the same for skill rolls. Skills go up an average of 3.5 points per roll, equivalent to 0.65 the rate of POW increase. You can have some control over your POW gains, reducing it for easier gains, no such option for skills. You don't have a lot of choices over what these skills are - and if one is far below 90%, it can be a real pain to get it up/ Are you trying to just increase your POW increase, or maximise your spread
  14. But you don't need to cast any enchantment at all for a POW storage crystal. It exists, you can take it from the person who has it or place where it is, POW cost 0. But POW to cast.. But not Bind... also, Summon and Command are not for every cult, or known by everybody. Sure! But those Rune Levels are going to count it as a very big favour, so you better be prepared to wear that. Basically, it is a big investment of social capital. There is a cost of one sort or another for such things. And the cost for that tactic is that you are a Tric
  15. One thing that happens at the tribal assembly is if there is any sort of dispute involving people from two clans, generally people can go to the tribal assembly to resolve it, often by lawsuits. This is quite a business, involving jurors and lawspeakers from both clans, lots of lobbying, and generally trying to convince the tribal King to adjudicate (and they usually prefer not having to do so). That takes up a lot of the time. Lots of small religious ceremonies may take place as well, including Rex rites (sometimes covertly) and sacrifices to the tribal wyter. And priests sharing prophe
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