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  1. I guess a concern is that real clockwork takes them WAY out of Iron Age etc. it's always been a bit vague quite what tech they have, but clockwork mastery seems like a big advance.
  2. Just noticed the mention of clockwork. I thought Mostali created creatures were magically animated stone and metal, not clockwork. Hmmmm.
  3. I haven't found it too bad, but you do need to give your non-human characters good motivations for hanging out with a bunch of (mostly) humans. It works a bit better in games with a bit of a looser feel, that aren't so focussed on community inner workings, too. In 13th Age, where everyone is Unique, it's not so hard to justify non-humans (my game has a Sazdorf clan Humakti troll, and a duck). A HeroQuest game with a lot of focus on the clan (or other Community) makes it a bit harder to have them fit in - one isn't that hard with a good justification, two or more starts to get awkward.
  4. Page 105 Kong Broyan. page 21 Side View and Top View on Grave Hill Interior diagrams are the wrong way around.
  5. A thread for mistakes in the PDF manuscript of The Eleven Lights. I expect these will mostly be trivial typos etc. it may be necessary to create a separate thread in the HeroQuest forum for rules issues, but simple rules related typos can go in here for now.
  6. My university gaming club once had entire theory of Gloranthan physics. Earth runes stack nicely and densely, you see, being square. But light and darkness runes, being perfect spheres, bounce off one another, and so never form anything solid. Air runes are almost spheres, but not quite - that little hook catches sometimes so you can feel a little resistance....
  7. In a D&D game I ran I once used a variant of this symbolism. In the middle of an Empire that was effectively ruled by a group of (ostensibly) Lawful Neutral pledged magicians (the entire Lawful Neutral plane being a giant set of gears), a group of Chaotic Neutral magicians ran a casino filled with roulette wheels, the wheels spinning freely a magical counterpoint to the locked gears. Surely this gear vs freely spinning wheel dichotomy can also be a symbol of the hatred between the Zistorites and the Mostali.
  8. I certainly agree that the Zistorites are cabbalistic. In fact, most Western magic is caballistic to some degree, though the mechanistic interpretation of the Cabala followed by the Zistorites is of course only one narrow interpretation of it. I also use as inspiration for God-Learner magic some ideas from John Dee's Enochian system - it may be anachronistic, but magic and technology proceed on different tracks in Glorantha. The idea of his tablets of letters, which can be enumerated in tens of thousands of ways, each of which is the magically name of a specific minor angel, is a different way of expressing a very similar concept, and of course is another system based on the idea of a divine language.
  9. It is interesting that dragonnewts are notable avoiders of elemental magic (right from RQ1 days), while wyrms are significant enthusiasts, the Guide mentions Orlanth as popular with them, and the Sun Dragon cult in the Paris reprint we know of mostly about through Wyrmish adherent Windwhistler. It does make me think that EWF magic may have had more to do with wyrms than dragonnewts.
  10. Thanks for the dragon article link, Joerg!
  11. There are flowers that intentionally mimic the features of insects. These orchids that mimic wasps, for example http://www.australiangeographic.com.au/topics/science-environment/2014/09/deceptive-orchids-luring-wasps-for-pollination/ That is what elves with boobs are. Plants that mimic the allure of humans for plant reasons.
  12. I agree with Peter that it's odd that we have no dragon or dragonnewt myths of Pamaltela at all except this one bit of speculation. I agree with Joerg that the real story may involve slarges or lascerdans. It is also possible that the Greater hydra have something to with it, and maybe more or less the results of chaos conquering the dragons (the Amethyst Dragon of Greater Chaos as an intermediate stage doesn't contradict this theory).
  13. Not just the only mention in the Guide of the Dragon Age as a period of time, but perhaps the only use of that term in the Gloranthan corpus. Is it a useful term?
  14. From the numbers, the dragonnewt culture described in this chapter is the *minority* dragonnewt culture - most dragonnewts alive are Kralorelan, and revere the Dragon Emperor. Of course, this proves nothing about its validity etc. The sections about Kralorela do seem to imply that humans can become dragons and gain access to draconic magic.
  15. I am glad that dragon magic remains essentially the same as in previous editions, as do dragonnewt weapons. A few more details would be nice - but really, you could pretty quickly adapt the rules in WF #14. I like the idea that while everyone else is trying to increase their passions and runes, Dragonnewts are trying to hard to reduce and eliminate them.