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Minor/regional gods and cults outside of Central Genertela

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So most places in Glorantha share the same gods,even if they have different names, Baraku is Orlanth, Tolat is Shargash and so on. But There are some minor gods that are confined to a region.
The cult books give us an idea about what gods are worshiped in Central Genertela, but what about other regions?
Pamaltela has Nyanka, Keraun, Sikkanos, Vangono, Rasout, Bolongo and Moorgarki.
Vithela has a lot, ones that come to mind are Kralorela's emperors(Metsyla,Mikaday,Shavaya,Thalurzni,Gondunya), Vormain's six gods(Valzain, Telask, Tsankth, Vijaya, Zaktirra, Octamo), the Black and Blood Suns.
there's a post on the well of daliath that mentions Gark, Gloomshark, Ikadz, Jraktal, Ompalam, Seseine, Tyram, Valkalta and Vovisibor as chaos gods from outside Central Genertela.
Sea and river gods are only relevant to the region where they are.


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Valzain is I think the Pole Star, Zaktirra looks like a variant of Zzabur and Telask a variant of Humakt.  Still wondering about Octamo after reading the Lunar Way (I said it might be like Hon-Eel before it was released and... I still haven't a better idea) while Vijaya might be the Young God rather than the Sun.

As for the Kralori Emperors - Metsyla is like Yelmalio (except totally peaceful) and Vashanti is like Buserian IMO.

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