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Has anyone been in contact with Dustin at Chaosium recently?


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I'm assuming that most folks got the same message from Chaosium as I did from their regular news feed ie:


Well, this certainly has taken longer than expected! We thought electrons moved faster than this.

The Chaosium website has moved to a new server; a process proving more troublesome than expected. The little green men gnashed their teeth when moving our old website, muttering about broken databases. They stomped their feet when upgrading our shopping cart software. They flailed their hands in the air when making the final move, redirecting name servers and MX records, IP addresses, mail processes, and server and firewall ports.

We just shake our heads and sigh.

Anyway, the move to the new server is finished, but not all of the changes we will make are completed. We are still working out kinks and would appreciate you letting us know what is not working. Here are a couple of differences you will notice in the new software:

Chaos Points: we have enabled a system whereby you can earn Chaos Points, good for discounts on future orders. You can earn Chaos Points for posting reviews, tweeting about Chaosium titles, "Like"-ing us on Facebook, placing orders, and referring friends. Chaos Points are tracked in your account, and you can choose to apply them to your order. There are certain limits that are explained here.

Visual Verification: as part of the upgrade, we enabled a simple code you must enter when engaging in some website functions. Take our links section, for example. Without visual verification we had an overwhelming 24,000+ link requests, most from sites of dubious provenance (and made by robot programs). Entering that simple code foils such robots. We were able to have all 24,000+ requests flushed.

It was more than we could do to troll through those many thousands looking for valid requests. So, if you submitted a link request to Chaosium in the last year or so, you should re-submit it. If we think it is appropriate for our audience we will add it our our growing collection of links. "

I'm guessing this might have something to do with it.

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