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MRQII/Legend & RQ6 Conan


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Main thread here.

I thought I would post the link here, since this is relevant in both sections.

For my own use and amusement, I've been adapting hyborian age materials to RQ6 and Legend, drawing inspiration from the REH short stories I've read, as well as Conan d20 and the Dark Horse comic adaptations.

I don't know if I'm going to run a game with it, but I think I would enjoy running such a game.

It's a work in progress, and it takes time to do all the writeups, even without any fluff. Fluff is less time consuming to write than crunch.

The idea is to have a document which, when combined with RQ6 or Legend, and a campaign setting (such as Return to the Road of Kings, The Road of Kings, or perhaps Ultimate Guide to the World's Most Savage Barbarian, or Hyborian Age d20 Campaign Site - hyboria.xoth.net, or simply R.E.H.'s essay: The Hyborian Age, makes it easy to run a hyborian age rpg campaign using the d100 system, as that's the system I would want to use for this type of game.

So far I don't have alot there, but it's a work in progress, and it takes time to come up with game mechanic options.

I'm think I like RQ6 Better overall, but it's easier to expect an entire table of people to have their own copies of legend due to the cheap price of the core book, and both are in print, so I've been adapting the materials to work nicely as options with both rulesets so far. If/when I run this, because of the price difference, and the fact that I know people who own Legend, but not people who own RQ6, I'm not sure whether I would use RQ6 wholesale, or use legend with some pieces of RQ6 adapted as houserules.

If anyone is interested in this stuff, feel free to post comments, either here, or in the main thread I started earlier this week.

Thanks guys. Hopefully other people enjoy this fan-adaptation.

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