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The Nefarious Dr. Entropy


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Since ORtrail had mentioned the possibility of running a post-apocalyptic superhero game, I couldn't resist statting up one of my favorite villains from such a setting.

Dr. Entropy

Source: Superhero League of Hoboken, Legend Entertainment, 1994

Quote: “You win this round, heroes. But remember, Entropy always increases!”

“Spawn of a junkyard,” the nefarious Dr. Entropy seeks to disrupt and discourage the rebirth of civilization in the post-apocalyptic ruins of late 22nd Century New England. What used to be the eastern United States is now a collection of primitive villages, dominated by local warlords and menaced by mutants and monsters created by the collapse of a former high-tech nation. Small local groups of heroes with unique mutant abilities have begun trying to restore order, re-establish trade and travel among the isolated communities, and encourage peace and cooperation among the town councils and strongmen who now rule. Entropy, on the other hand, sees criminal opportunity in societal chaos and wants to stop the growth of unity and learning these adventurers are trying to foster. To that end, he exerts his inventive genius and malign persuasiveness to stir unrest, disrupt communication, thwart repairs to crumbled infrastructure, prevent scattered knowledge and surviving technology from being gathered, and sabotage remaining manufacturing capabilities.

Although he wishes to deny technology to others, Dr. Entropy is a master of ancient electronics and mechanics. He has salvaged and repaired many old world devices and created new gadgets and weapons of his own design. He’s a canny negotiator and politician, manipulating the prejudices and vanity of selfish chieftains and intelligent monsters so that they assist in his schemes. Very much a behind-the-scenes mastermind, Entropy depends on hired goons to carry out his plans and perform his bloodletting. He’s too small to be any good at fisticuffs, but he always has a ranged weapon, secret escape route, force field generator, or fast vehicle handy.

Physically, Dr. Entropy resembles an old-fashioned jack-in-the-box, his clown face twisted into an evil smirk and his rusted inner springs exposed (the former cloth clown outfit rotted away long ago). He typically wears a physician’s head mirror and latex-free gloves, but his assorted plots don’t indicate that he possesses any actual medical skill. Although he travels throughout the eastern seaboard extensively, it isn’t clear how he moves, since (as a jack-in-the-box) he lacks legs. Presumably, he rides in a variety of vehicles or has a fleet-footed henchman carry him. Is Dr. Entropy a robot? A possessed toy? A cyborg? A mutant? There’s no way of knowing.


CON 13


INT 21

POW 18

DEX 16


Move: Um, we’re not exactly sure

Hit Points: 15 (CON + SIZ)

Damage Bonus: -1D6

Armor: 5 (metal box)

Attacks: Energy Pistol 30%, 1D8+2, Head Butt, 34%, 1D3+DB

Skills: Bargain 26%, Craft (Scientific Instrumentation) 26%, Demolition 22%, Drive 41%, Fast Talk 26%, Fine Manipulation 26%, Heavy Machine 26%, Hide 31%, Insight 26%, Language (English) 105%, Listen 46%, Literacy 21%, Persuasion 36%, Pilot 22%, Repair (Electrical) 36%, Repair (Mechanical) 36%, Research 46%, Spot 46%, Technical (Computer Use) 26%

Notes: 460 skill points (21 skills, 21 points each plus 19)

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Dr. Entropy inhabits a landscape something like Gamma World cranked up to 11. Monsters include muscular two-headed babies, strutting rooster men in black leather jackets, giant sentient cheeseburgers, animated office furniture and garbage cans, massive steroid men, baseball-hurling sports cyborgs, sinister Richard Nixon clones, and marketing directors gone bad.

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Sounds like our Gamma World party's old nemesis the "Red Hot Chili Pepper" gang would fit right in. A biker gang of mutated peppers who exploded when they died in combat. Once they were burning an NPC pal of ours at the stake (he was a mutated marijuana plant and they wanted to get high).

Would love to hear more about your world. I miss playing Gamma World - it was a hilarious game.

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Unfortunately I can't take the credit. Dr. Entropy and the trashed NYC metro area he inhabits were created by Steve Meretzky, responsible for many early interactive computer games. Superhero League of Hoboken was a comedy game, so despite the destruction, things were haywire in what was intended to be the silliest manner possible. One village was endangered by rabid sheep. A church whose sacred relic was a Windows 3.x era computer needed tech support. One of Dr. Entropy's schemes was to breed giant pigeons with "perfect aim," making travel and trade impossible.

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