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Monster Hunter International conversion?

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I've been listening to the MHI book series and found out that there's a Hero Games kickstarter but HERO, while I enjoy seems like it'd be a little on the slow side (I speak from my Champions days but do remember quicker lower-powered Fantasy HERO games so take my "slow" comment with a grain of salt).

Being that MHI, in my opinion, seems to be modern day Cthulu with less insanity, couldn't I just run an MHI game with the BRP gold rulebook?

Any good gun supplements or monographs you fine folks would suggest?

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Laundry and Delta Green would seem to be the best BRP-based choice for current in-print material dealing with modern weaponry. With DG being updated Laundry is the most recent BRP-based modern game and uses a number of variants from the base BGB. It's mechanics are done by the same people responsible for the 4e BGB so they seem to have just chosen more suitable, albeit still BRP, mechanics for a modern game. It uses a higher number of skill points for characters (650 compared to 350 in the BGB) with a more focussed distribution (no free skill points) as all skill points are allocated by occupation and profession to better represent modern characters.

I'd say that there are better systems for running this genre. I've played a number of games using the Hot War mechanics for horror/Cthulhu games but guns are merely a tool and left very undefined in HW.


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