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Lost Chapters of Swords of Cydoria: Karak and Abstract Wealth conversion


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I have added two new PDFs to the files section.

The first is an entire chapter I had to cut from Swords of Cydoria for space reasons. It's a chapter about Thaumaturges and their secret "magic" known as Karak, the lost techno-sorcery of the Sdara Vatra.

The second is a short little conversion document I created to convert abstract Wealth Levels to actual coinage.


Christian Conkle

Blogs: Geek Rampage! - Swords of Cydoria - Exiled in Eris

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I desperately need to pick this up. I've had a moratorium on new rpg purchases for strictly financial reasons but I've been excited about this title since way back when it was announced.

Actually, as I sit here typing I'm a bit amazed I don't own it yet.


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