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Brewer career


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Reading the RQ6 Career section now...and having recently talked to a brother-in-law who started making his own wine, I was wondering if Brewer/Winemaker would be a possible career to add. There is a lot of work/art/skill involved according to my brother-in-law (so it's not as easy as one might think), and I can see it being an in-demand skill in many cultures.

I believe the skill list would be similar to an Alchemist, but wonder what more experienced players think the skill list may look like?


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For me it would depend on the actual profession. For example, a typical brewer buys the

raw materials from the farmers and processes them, which in my view would make him a

type of crafter, while a typical vintner grows his own grapes, which in my view would ma-

ke him a kind of farmer. It would also depend a lot on the setting, for example whether

a member of the profession can be expected to be literate, which would make an alche-

mist a possible choice, or whether the huge majority of the setting's brewers or vintners

are illiterate, which would not fit in well with my idea of an alchemist.

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I'd do something like this (It's a cross between an alchemist and a crafter):


Standard Skills: Customs, Drive, Influence, Insight, Locale, Perception, Willpower

Professional Skills: Commerce, Craft (Brewing), Engineering, Language (any), Lore (any), Mechanisms, Streetwise

Brewer is as difficult a profession as any other. However, it is easy to model with the Craft (brewer) skill which should allow the brewer to make beers/ales/mead/whatever. The Lore might allow the brewer to make special beers that heal, give visions or whatever.

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