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BRP Mecha: shipping now!

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The pre-orders of BRP Mecha have been shipped today. If you pre-ordered, you should receive your copy, next week, maybe a bit later for our Australian friends. The book will be available from Chaosium and from shops by means of Chronicle City in mid-late August, but you can also order directly from Alephtar since I have some copies left.

Thanks to all who pre-ordered. I will post one last Mecha example this afternoon to help people use the game for multi-pilot Mecha.

Proud member of the Evil CompetitionTM

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At long last I'll able to have in my hands (and read, because I don't read rpgs in pdf format) the outcome of your and Francesco D.'s precious work. By the way, Francesco was my game master when I played Mekton (and Mage)! I haven't seen him in ages...

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