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FG Con 3 - Virtual Game Convention: Friday Nov 1- Sunday Nov 3


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New to Fantasy Grounds? Never tried Fantasy Grounds? This is your best chance to play with the best Virtual Table Top software - and try it for free! GM's - your Full Licenses will upgrade to Ultimate Licenses for the duration of the Con!

Virtual Con is a community driven (unofficial) long weekend of Virtual Gaming using the Fantasy Grounds Virtual Table Top (VTT). Fantasy Grounds allows you to play tabletop role playing games (such as Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e and 4e, Pathfinder, Castles & Crusades, Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu plus many others) over the Internet with people from around the world.


This is our third online convention.

Last con the eminent writer and publisher of BRP gaming goodness Paolo Guccione ran a session of BRP entitled "The Quest for El Dorado" which was great fun. Hoping that a GM will step up for some CoC or BRP gaming again.

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The convention is over ( 23 sessions run ) and a fun time was had by all. No BRP sessions this time, so hopefully a GM will step up at FG-Con 4 currently set for a weekend in May 2014. I did GM a game of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (Beginner Box scenario). Lots of fast talking, computer systems hacking, blaster shooting, and starship action for a good 4 hours.

I use  fantasygrounds.com

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I hope I will make it to FgCon 4, May should be viable for me. The point is whether we have an updated BRP ruleset by that time.

This would be very nice...unfortunately all the money seems aimed at Piazzo for almost all rpg software available from most companies.

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