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This kid is a budding Game Master!


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As a Game Master, I've often used children's books to research history and locations for campaigns. I've also found children's fiction inspirational for plots and monsters. A new book, Battle Bunny, falls into the latter category.

An imaginative boy named Alex receives a late Forties children’s picture book, Birthday Bunny, from his grandmother on his 8th birthday. Using eraser and Sharpie pen, he re-writes it as a more energetic yarn, Battle Bunny, in which the titular rabbit endeavors to conquer the forest with assorted Bond villain gadgetry and schemes. The illustrations resemble paintings from a vintage Little Golden Book – adjusted and re-imagined with black marker. Much of the original sweet children’s tale is crossed out and replaced with new comic book style dialogue.



It's a hoot. As usual, I got a copy from my local library.


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