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Howdy doody !


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thought it was about time I said "hi".

I've been playing RPGs since lunch break 1981. T&T, D&D & Traveler. Then the mighty CoC which has occupied a great deal of my time since. I've run some RuneQuest and CoC and am currently working on a game which may or may not use the BRP system called "Tripped Out Psychotic Time Agents". It's more of an exercise in design than anything else.

I am eagerly awaiting the new BRP when it comes out regardless of it's cover design, if anyone knows dates, then please give it up, 'cause I just can't wait anymore.

Anyway, be seeing you.


so this is it, we're going to die...

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Welcome to the forums kraalomega! :)

Unfortunately we're all very much in the dark about the release of the first edition. Chasium's estimate is the summer, but it's allready been pushed forward several times, so it's hard to say.


Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
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How very odd. I was down in Worthing, W. Sussex yesterday visiting friends and seeing Gary Numan at the Dome, Brighton and one of the guys I was with was one of the guys I first started playing with, he GM'd T&T and 15 years of CoC:lol:

Anyway we started talking about old games and Gamma World came up. I don't really remember much about the games we played. In fact my only memory of the game was an illustration of a giant rabbit wearing a bandolier and brandishing a rifle.

It was part of the TSR stable as I remember and from my point of view doomed to failure. I did play AD&D for many years, but spent a great deal of it arguing over rules !!:confused:

so this is it, we're going to die...

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