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Missile Fire into Melee


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This may or may not help, Kevin(?), as I'm unfamiliar with RQ6s rules regarding this, but my own house rule is excepted by MY picky players and goes as follows:

Subtract 1 point per SIZ of every individual in melee, who's not the target, from the attacker skill%

Starting from smallest to largest, subtract each combatants SIZ from 100, keeping track of their range.

(Ie: a halfling with SIZ 6 would have a threat range of 94-100, then the dwarf SIZ 10 would have a range of 83-93.)

If the attacker rolls his skill % and comes up with 85 ,he would hit the Dwarf instead of the target.

If the attackers skill % is say 150%, you could rule that subtracting 16 (total SIZ) would not give an opportunity to hit another person in melee unless the attacker fumbles.

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It's a penalty to the attack roll and if the attack fails, but would have succeeded if there wasn't a penalty to the roll, then it hits an adjacent target.

When firing at a specific target at the edge of a crowd or melee, the attack suffers a difficulty grade of at least Hard. If trying to fire through a group to hit a target in its midst, or on the other side, the penalty should be raised to Formidable. . . If however the marksman fails the roll, but would have succeeded if not for the firing into a crowd penalty, then an adjacent victim is struck instead. If more than one target is in the line of fire, the Games Master should determine the victim randomly.
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