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  1. Hey Newt, I did the pre-order and when I click on the link in my e-mail to get the updated version I'm getting this error: I tried then going into the downloads section of my account, but it doesn't list the rule book, only the quickstart.
  2. I think the point is that you can't close what has already been declared open content. If you use open content from another OGL work, it is open content and should be declared as such. If you didn't use any open content from another source and you aren't opening any of your content, then there is no logical reason to use the OGL for your book.
  3. There are actually people in the U.S. that do disguise their firearms to look like nerf guns and water guns.
  4. MRQ2 in it's Legend incarnation is OGL, so you could also use it as your base to build your rpg.
  5. Didn't know about the Kickstarter. Since both Chaosium and Sixtystone Press representatives are on this thread, as a potential customer I'd like to see the two of you negotiate someway to put this as a Print on Demand + PDF bundle through OBS. Contracts can be renegotiated if both parties agree to it. Obviously, I don't expect you to do so publicly, but hopefully in private you at least entertain the idea.
  6. Okay, I'll be on the look out for a 2nd copy. I haven't received one at this time.
  7. I received two e-mails regarding a return label for UPS to send books back to Bang Printing. I didn't request or initiate a return of either shipment (Runequest 2 Kickstarter and Classic Fantasy pre-order). Anyone else get an unsolicited return label?
  8. One thing I was thinking when reading Classic Fantasy, is you could probably, without using Classic Fantasy, just use the basic and professional skills listed for careers as your "class" skill sets which either go up automatically, or, as Mankam mentioned, increase with a higher die roll when you spend experience rolls on those skills versus the non-class skills.
  9. I mentioned this on the Kickstarter page, but thought that also posting here might be a good idea. Update #29 on March 9th mentioned that Chaosium was moving from using Backerkit to OBS to distribute the PDF files for backers. I was wondering if it would be possible for Chaosium to issue OBS codes for backers to get the RQ1 and RQ2 files that were distributed via Backerkit so that we could add them to our library at OBS to have all the files in one place. Is this something that Chaosium is able/willing to do for backers?
  10. Thanks for posting! Any plans to have it more "advanced" like the Legend one?
  11. It would be easy to file the serial numbers off and just do generic space fantasy name replacements in the PDF. Maybe Loz and Pete will do that in 2016.
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