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Mistworld, free pdf, etc.


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Mistworld is where I have links to the free pdf for Mistworld (a proof of concept rough draft for Basic Role Playing that I did in the 1990s before I got badly distracted) along with updated support material and the bones of an initial scenario set.

I'd enjoy feedback, suggestions, etc.

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I like your setting a lot. I would hope that you add to it. While there is not enough there for me to run a campaign on it as it, for some reason I think that Mistworld will make a very interesting "stop" for either a Star Wars game that I run OR (much more likely) a wonderful place in the Eye of Terror that my stalwart Inquisitor Acolytes must go in an upcoming Dark Heresy game :thumb:

For some reason this seems a perfect place to go for some magical/nefarious purpose :innocent:

Thanks. I am always looking for good ideas to use in my games. Very much appreciated.


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