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I haven't played it, but when reading I would think the penalty steps -25%; -50% are too big.

Starting character may have skills about 30-50%. -25% reduces the chances to very little.

I know, it is because to make the penalty really matter and usually just ignore it for simplicity, but I would think changing the penalty from 25 to 20 would improve thins.

Firstly it is faster to calculate:

48-25 / 48-20

32-25 / 32-20

66-25 / 66-20

Calculations with rounded numbers happen instantly.

Secondly, beginner characters will get too crippled when getting a penalty (combat situational rules, fatigue, etc). Will see how it plays though, because I actually like the harshness of reality :P

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Please do take time to play it as written, bearing in mind:

1. Its not meant to be a roll intensive game.

2. The penalties/bonuses are there for "big moments" where the modifier really does give the character a clear disadvantage/advantage. One of the things I hated of RQ/D100 of old was the way that it was all about fiddly little modifiers and how the player's would whinge for the smallest of modifiers.

Read the GMs advice sections on p30 and p33, in a way those two sections really under pin how the system works.

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