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Anybody interested in stat-ing up NPCs in BRP?


I was thinking that we could have some threads similar to "Roll Call" over on Ronin Army (Mutants & Masterminds specific forum) or various threads at Giant in the Playground wherein we stat up various characters from various settings in BRP...


Some NPCs that I personally would like to see:

T-800 from Terminator

Yaut'ja from Predator

The various Xenomorphs from the various Aliens series

Jack Bauer

Space Marines from Warhammer 40k, and various special characters


Power Girl

The Hulk

Spider Man

The Punisher


Hiroyuki Sakai

Robert Irvine

Gordon Ramsey

Examples of Police, SWAT, Special Forces, Alpha Group, SAS, SFOD-D, SAD, etc.

Jason Bourne (novel and movie versions)

The Avengers

Caesar from Planet of the Apes

John McClane

The Expendables

Han Solo

Boba and Jango Fett

Darth Vader

The Emperor

Jason Voorhees

Drizzt Do'urden


Colossal Red Dragon

Major Mokoto Kusinagi

Dracula (multiple incarnations)



Colonel Quaritch

Maximillian Sterling

Roy Mustang

Johnny Rico

Sanoske Sagara






Just a thought...no pressure  :7


If anyone is interested, just post your builds...BUT if you are deviating from the rules of the BGB, just make sure that you put your modifications/house rules in the post somewhere so that way people can know that they are a "non-standard" build


The interesting thing about this is that you can build NPC characters without having to make them book legal...



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I was attempting to see if there was a closet community of NPC builders, like there is over at the old Atomic Think Tank (now Ronin Army) forums for Mutants and Masterminds.  I one of the differences between BRP and other systems that use a point buy mechanic (which M&M uses), is that with BRP you can just make a skill or ability, give it a percentage and call it done, whereas in point buy systems you often find yourself tweaking points to make something exactly how you want the PC/NPC to be. 

Oh, well…it was worth a shot.



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