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Brawl Damage


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How much damage does a successful brawl attack cause? I can't find this anywhere in the rules! Thanks.

Let's see here, according to the quick-start, brawl does 1d3+db.  I'll double check my BGB ...


EDIT:  Yup.  BGB lists them separately for fist, kick, and head-butt, but all the same damage.

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I've always thought of Brawl as an improvised weapon attack.


So it could be a punch or a kick but it could also just as easily be a bottle or a chair or a kettle or a vase or anything not normally used as a weapon. Damage would be... whatever seems appropriate at the time!

Mr Jealousy has returned to reality!

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Prior to working on my Edge system I was putting together some new Heroic abilities instead.  One of them was Improvised "Weapon Master".


Improvised weapon master

Requirements: STR 15, One close Combat Style or Unarmed at 75%

Hero Points: 5

Duration: A number of rounds equal to their CON


Almost anything is a deadly weapon in the hands of this character. The game master will determine what properties if any the improvised weaponry will have in the event of a Combat Maneuver. The character may use their Unarmed skill or a close Combat style when attacking with improvised weaponry. Use the following chart to determine damage.


ENC less than 1 – 1D3 damage

ENC 1 – 1D4 damage

ENC 2 – 1D6 damage

ENC 3 and greater – 1D8 damage


The game master has the final word on how much damage a given object does. A length of rope may be ENC 2, but he may rule it will only deal 1D3 damage because of its weight. Certain objects may not be appropriate as improvised weapons such as feathers, or candles. A lit candle on the other hand.

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