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Dark Streets (Runners vs Mythos) 2nd Edition PDF out now!

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On 10/19/2015, 6:55:58, doomedpc said:

Hi Jack,

The Renaissance SRD is OGL (and available for free), Dark Streets is copyright Cakebread & Walton.

Yes, you should be able to get the book from Leisure Games once Studio 2 have released it (and be sure to leave Studio 2 a note when buying, and they'll let us know you have purchased a copy, and we'll send the PDF for free).

I find the map works brilliantly as a PDF - but I am not the tech person (Ken does that!), so if anyone else has any issues/nice things to say about the maps, fire away :)


doomedpc: You might want to pop over here and fill folks in on the fine work you've done with Renaissance and Dark Streets: http://www.yog-sothoth.com/topic/29373-scenario-sources/

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