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  1. Elric! It was my first real exposure to Stormbringer. (I knew a guy in the mid-80s that had the 2e boxed set, which I remember looking through but we never played). The system was so appealing and intuitive. It compelled me to use it for homemade dark fantasy / sword & sorcery campaigns. I can't even say that I'm that much of a fan of Moorcock's Elric material. I've only read a couple of the books and the writing never really hooked me. But Elric! presented the setting and system in such an inspiring fashion that it really captured my imagination.
  2. I would wager Earl Geier. I definitely recall the name from a number of Chaosium products from the 80s and 90s. CoC, Stormbringer, etc.
  3. I'm not familiar with any on that list. But I didn't read many highly-rated Scifi books that were published this year, so that's not too surprising. I'm always looking for suggestions, though. What I did read from this year was Genesis (First Colony) and All Systems Red (Murderbot Diaries). I liked the latter more than the former, and have preordered the next book from the series.
  4. Looks great. I'd rather store my campaign props and handouts in it than rulebooks. But.... ~$174 USD for that pledge level, plus ~$40 USD shipping to the US. Ouch.
  5. Has there been any more word about a potential Kickstarter for a "deluxe" version of RQ3, in the same vein as RQC? I remember seeing something about that a while ago.
  6. It wasn't until the Elric! rules set - that followed SB4e 3 years later - that shields got more of an emphasis. Weapons and shields both had HP defined in that edition and the benefits of shields were laid out more clearly: In this rules set, weapons were broken when their HP was equaled or exceeded when parrying a melee weapon. Shields suffered HP reduction when their HP was exceeded, and didn't break until their HP was 0.
  7. Page 39 gives some advantages of using a shield: Normally, a Parry roll is halved if you're trying to parry a hand-held missile weapon (axe, javelin, rock, etc.) with a melee weapon. It's not really stated, but I'd assume you'd get your full parry using a shield. Also, there's a section on shields on Page 45, but the benefits are a little vague: Not really sure what that means.
  8. Have you run Elric! straight or made any rules changes or used any house-rules to reflect Newhon? I've got a PDF of Lankhmar Unleashed and an adventure (Swords Against Sorcery) that I bought years ago but haven't looked at in a while. What else was released for Mongoose's Lankhmar line (MRQ1 or 2), and what was worthwhile?
  9. Only the first attack/bullet. Per page 215 of the BGB: Though, I should add: if you're doing autofire spread across a number of targets, then each target has the potential to suffer 1 crit/special.
  10. I've got a copy of SB4 that I got for free with an order from Wayne's Books. It's an edition that I've never played, or much looked at. What's your impression of it?
  11. Can I hire you to be my personal forum translator? You do a better job of getting my questions across than me.
  12. That doesn't so much impact me - I've got spare copies of the Elric! core book, and legally purchased PDFs of a number of the books. I can compile books for the players, or provide them with PDF-fragments as necessary. And, honestly, I prefer that over directing players to making a purchase - I can drop the rules that I'm not using, or add in house-rules without having them purchase a core and telling them what to ignore because I'm not using it. (If they want to run Elric/MW themselves, then that's a different matter - buying MW would be the best route for them).
  13. Whatever happened to Punktown, the seriously overdue Cyberpunk/Horror BRP kickstarter project? Did that ever get produced, or is it still in limbo after being nearly 4 years overdue? The only thing else that comes to mind are the Augmentations from River of Heaven. They comprise biotech, cyberware, and nanotech. RoH uses OpenQuest as its baseline, and it would be trivial to import Augments and BioEnergy points into whatever BRP system you're using.
  14. I should have probably been more clear. I meant that factor in the other direction. In case someone wanted to sell MW as an art/layout improvement over Elric!.
  15. I've got a PDF of Magic World stashed up on OneDrive, but I haven't read it in a few years. And I've got a sizable collection of Elric! and RQ3, so MW was a bit of a redundant impulse buy. Or, at least it felt like that to me. But, I'm curious: are there any advantages to using MW rather than the original material it was assembled from? Are there any rules introduced in MW that you feel improve chargen, combat, magic, or task resolution - especially when compared to Elric!/RQ3? What does MW do better than what it was compiled from? Let's avoid a benefit like, commercially available for purchase. Typically, I assemble my own player's book and distribute them at the table; I don't require my players to buy copies of a core book. Or a benefit like: the art and layout are fantastic. Doesn't matter to me. I'll strip-mine out what I want, and present it how I want.
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