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  1. I voted for Common Magic. IMO, it's the most straightforward in application. The description of Common Magic in the core book presents it as a standard magic system. "Spells and cantrips that are ubiquitous to many cultures and societies. Common Magic manipulates the natural order with varying degrees of subtlety and offers a host of effects that ease daily life or augment specific endeavours, such as combat and skill use. ... the nature and effects of Common Magic are visible to all, understood by most and recognisable from one culture to another."
  2. I wasn't aware that Magic World had reverted back to 3D6/2D6+6. (Elric!'s boosted stats, I guess, reflected the cultural stat bonuses you could receive in Stormbringer 1-4). I guess it comes down to how you want to present the game world: are adventurers generally better physically and mentally by nature than the average man, or are they average men who become acclaimed adventurers? With BRP Fantasy campaigns I run, I offer either 3D6/2D6+6-and-assign or a point-buy option. Players can pick their preference. I'd much rather leverage mechanics like Hero/Fate/Luck points (that allow dice re-rolls, injury downgrades, etc.) to reflect the heroic advantages of adventurers than to have every adventurer be a 'roided-up, big-brained superman. Back in the day, when I played AD&D, roll-and-drop-lowest and then assign was the standard. How else are you going to have a chance at that sweet, sweet 18-percentile Strength? 😉 I don't really care for roll-extra-but-keep these days, for the reasons I mentioned above. I did that with Traveller a decade ago. Players rolled all of the dice and then matched up pairs and assigned where they pleased. Worked fairly well.
  3. Yeah, agreed. As a GM, I tend to be a little... interpretive of detailed fumble tables (for attacks/parries). I find most minor fumble results (dropped weapons, disorientation, damaged equipment) to be inconvenient enough, and leading to bad-enough situations. IMO, it starts getting ridiculous when you have PCs accidentally stabbing themselves or impaling their friends in the throat. I consider fumbles to be commensurate to the conditions of the Drive test. If PCs are not driving at an insane rate of speed, not taking serious risks and have reasonable weather conditions, the fumbles will be inconvenient (vehicle damage that further impacts their driving, for example.). If the situation is bad - high rate of speed + slick surfaces + erratic movement - it could get ugly. Even with a high-speed crash, damage will be random, leading to a chance that not everyone-dies / is seriously injured. But as I said, the stakes of the Drive test would have to so high for that kind of fumble to happen. And the PCs would be aware of the risk they're taking. If they choose to gamble their lives on a die-roll then that kind of fumble-result is not unreasonable, IMO.
  4. Depends on mood and the campaign I'm running. Sometimes I want things straightforward with Base Skills + Occupation Skill Points -> Go!. Other times I want more complexity and prefer MRQ2/RQ6/Mythras stat + stat. (Today, I'm feeling more stat+stat. But that's because I've been re-reading my MRQ2 books lately and remembering how much I enjoyed running that system... 9 years ago, or whatever). Skill Category Modifiers are my least favorite. Back in the 80s, when I was first introduced to RQ3, I loved them. Now I just find them fiddly.
  5. I should re-read it. I never gave it much more than a skim ... 7 years ago... and didn't find it that interesting. The fact that it combined Elric! + supplements + RQ3 (all material I already had and wasn't pleased with re-buying) and that the layout and artwork were generally awful (IMO) didn't leave me with much of an impression. It seemed like a soup of random ideas thrown together into a shitty package. Might have been a bit too judgmental back then.
  6. I haven't seen an authoritative list. Glancing at the Magic World pdf, MW includes or modifies the following: The inclusion of Cultures, as @rsanford stated. Skill Category Modifiers. Occupation skill allotments instead of a large pool of skill points to spend. Additional Occupations (maybe just Astrologer?) Different base skill levels Different skill success levels.
  7. Though I voted for Elric! as my favorite, I'd have to think over on whether I'd use it as-written to run a Moorcock multiverse campaign now. Or any sort of dark fantasy or sword & sorcery campaign with the system. (And I rarely run fantasy campaigns these days, so it's mostly just theorizing). I'd be tempted to fiddle with the system a lot: Change the chargen so that Occupations provided competent skill level bases off the bat (more like the Delta Green rpg, or the earlier versions of Stormbringer). Re-tool the skills, condensing some. Figure out if I want to change the combat success ranges away from the 1% Impale, 20% Critical, etc.
  8. I'm going to have to pull EoM off my shelf and re-read it. Been a long time since I've looked at it. Still have all my MRQ2 books, and had a blast with the system about a decade ago. I have mixed feelings about the high starting combat skills. Two highly-skilled combatants going at it can be boring and take forever. But a lone, skilled PC taking on multiple opponents/mooks, and parrying multiple blows can be fun. But, perhaps that's better reflected by keeping skill levels under control and dropping the penalty to parry successive attacks.
  9. Elric! It was my first real exposure to Stormbringer. (I knew a guy in the mid-80s that had the 2e boxed set, which I remember looking through but we never played). The system was so appealing and intuitive. It compelled me to use it for homemade dark fantasy / sword & sorcery campaigns. I can't even say that I'm that much of a fan of Moorcock's Elric material. I've only read a couple of the books and the writing never really hooked me. But Elric! presented the setting and system in such an inspiring fashion that it really captured my imagination.
  10. I would wager Earl Geier. I definitely recall the name from a number of Chaosium products from the 80s and 90s. CoC, Stormbringer, etc.
  11. I'm not familiar with any on that list. But I didn't read many highly-rated Scifi books that were published this year, so that's not too surprising. I'm always looking for suggestions, though. What I did read from this year was Genesis (First Colony) and All Systems Red (Murderbot Diaries). I liked the latter more than the former, and have preordered the next book from the series.
  12. Looks great. I'd rather store my campaign props and handouts in it than rulebooks. But.... ~$174 USD for that pledge level, plus ~$40 USD shipping to the US. Ouch.
  13. Has there been any more word about a potential Kickstarter for a "deluxe" version of RQ3, in the same vein as RQC? I remember seeing something about that a while ago.
  14. It wasn't until the Elric! rules set - that followed SB4e 3 years later - that shields got more of an emphasis. Weapons and shields both had HP defined in that edition and the benefits of shields were laid out more clearly: In this rules set, weapons were broken when their HP was equaled or exceeded when parrying a melee weapon. Shields suffered HP reduction when their HP was exceeded, and didn't break until their HP was 0.
  15. Page 39 gives some advantages of using a shield: Normally, a Parry roll is halved if you're trying to parry a hand-held missile weapon (axe, javelin, rock, etc.) with a melee weapon. It's not really stated, but I'd assume you'd get your full parry using a shield. Also, there's a section on shields on Page 45, but the benefits are a little vague: Not really sure what that means.
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