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  1. I think you're mostly right but that might chnge a little now that The Design Mechanism is putting out a horror RPG based on Gumshoe.
  2. Your right but you are getting dangerously near politics. There are a lot of people (not me) that believe that separation of church and state is a righful law in the US.
  3. I will say a prayer for you. In the meanwhile lean into God as he can get you through anything.
  4. The Second Way is really meant to provide rules for a very powerful, freeform magic system and is really best suited for GMs wanting something like Ars Magica but using BRP rules. It would be massively overpowered for any Delta Green or Cthulhu game I can imagine.
  5. That's a good way to describe it though the Delta Green world has been developed in a lot more depth than Bureau 13 (which is a great setting).
  6. Would it be possible to create a new download category called Nephilim and move all the new (and there seem to be a lot) of Nephilim tagged files there? I could see it being helpful for those of us playing Nephilim...
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I don't remember where I found this but thought someone might be able to use it.
  8. I remember someone asking about colonial scenarios here a while back. There is a new Miskatonic Repository title on DrivethruRPG at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/298233/We-Are-All-Savages?src=sub.
  9. I'm new to Delta Green but I am enjoying it immensly. The thing that I like about Delta Green is that it provides reasons for people to investigate the mythos. In Call of Cthulhu you might have run a scenario where the head of one of your ghost hunters gets chopped off. Any normal person is going run away screaming at that point, but Delta Green has a reason and rational to be there. Also using the example of the ghost hunters who are you going to recruit, now that curious Johnny had his head cut off? Delta Green provides you with a never ending supply of agents and friendlies to pull from. Personally I am liking Delta Green better than Call of Cthulhu and I LOVE Call of Cthulhu!
  10. I uploaded a BRP fantasy character sheet not developed by me here ->
  11. Version 1.0.0


    BRP fantasy charater sheet included here... Note I did not create this and I don't know where I got it (so I can't cite the author) but it should prove useful to those of us playing BRP. 44709-BRP_Fantasy_Char_Sheet_001.pdf
  12. @G33K pm me your email address and I will share the BRP character sheet I have with you. It's as ugly as sin but it does (sort of) have a body depicted with localized hit points..
  13. What an advertising blurb says about a book will rarely be as useful as a third party’s opinion. If I went purely by the advertising Dresden would be the best thing since the Lord of the Rings
  14. Wow! This sounds interesting. I will see if it's available on Audible and if so pick the first one up. I have listened to all the Dresden books and while very entertaining I thought the plots were too simple and for the most part came down to Dresden digging down deep to cast one more powerful spell...
  15. So I’m not familiar with Ben Aaronovitch’s story. Is it set in modern times? Can someone provide a one paragraph summary of what the books are about? Sounds very interesting!
  16. Unless your name is Scotty or Janice Rand.
  17. I knew it must have been recent because I don't have it yet.
  18. Hey Clarence, Just signed up for your Elevation giveaway... Just curious when did that book come out? Thanks, Ronnie
  19. Nice interview Loz! You guys are doing great! Any idea when we might see Mythic Greece?
  20. I think it would be doable if you had a big hammer and some time. But imagine the noise it would create.
  21. Boy that sounds fun! I want to be in your group!
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