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  1. Hey Chaosium guys, Since you picked up Pendragon does that mean you will also have Before Iron (which is Pendragon based)? If not does the acquisition by Chaosium still allow Nocturnal to finish that? My understanding is that the manuscript for Before Iron was turned in in 2012 and Nocturnal was working on it? Any thoughts?
  2. rsanford

    Which BRP-kin are Most Dissimilar?

    Revolution D100 has a completely (well maybe its similar to RIngWorld - I don't have that) different skill system and narrative controls. That probably makes it the most different.
  3. Well it was as called Age of Bronze before it was called Before Iron. See comments about the game below. http://igwilliams.blogspot.com/2012/08/age-of-bronze-more-like-before-iron.html?m=1
  4. rsanford

    Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

    Hey Chris! I just read your religion book. Great stuff! I enjoyed it! Ronnie
  5. rsanford

    New Magic World Review

    Its well done and can be found on the big purple at https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/17/17905.phtml. Let's discuss! For one I would like to see a new Magic World book (Yeah I know I am out of luck) that provides a more fleshed out nautical setting, and gets rid of the various typos and layout errors. What about you?
  6. rsanford

    New Magic World Review

    By the way Coronoides, I really enjoyed your review! Very well done! I particularly liked how you gave a new angle on Magic World apart from existing reviews!
  7. I am going to invite the authors to drop in. I don’t think they are on this site but I will be convincing :-)!
  8. rsanford

    Cave trolls are bad neighbours. (Play report)

    We roll each round.
  9. rsanford

    MW vs. BGB - Differences / Comparison

    Does it have a lot of useful spells? Coming from D&D I haven’t been happy with the number of spells available to Magic World Gamer’s.
  10. rsanford

    Cave trolls are bad neighbours. (Play report)

    I “like” the way combat and magic is handled in MW but we streamline it. First we don’t require a statement of what a character is going to do up front. Second we don’t have a separate magic phase, rather magic and melee occur together based on initiative. Finally we define initiative as a character’s dex plus a d10. Otherwise it gets old when the same character always goes first.
  11. rsanford

    Spell casting, what needs to be done.

    When we play with standard magic as defined in the book we make the same assumptions. I just “assumed” that was what was meant an assumption I probably got from D&D.
  12. My games have only provided lip service to the allegiance rules because I found them poorly thought out. However your additions are interesting and can work. I am going to run them past my crew and see if I can get buy-in to use them. Thank you!
  13. I like Before Iron better and did not know Nocturnal was changing the name Myrmidon. I love the quote from Hesiod as it’s so appropriate! So we have two heroic Greece books coming out. Myrmidon and Mythic Greece. I will probably pick up both?
  14. rsanford

    New Magic World Review

    I think your right however if they fleshed out the Southern Reaches setting it wouldn't be so generic! But in any case, Magic World isn't going anywhere.
  15. rsanford

    MW vs. BGB - Differences / Comparison

    Tertius are you the guy that wrote the new Magic World review on the big purple (Can be found here -> https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/17/17905.phtml) If so good job! It's nice to see Magic World getting some attention!
  16. rsanford

    MW vs. BGB - Differences / Comparison

    I wrote a review of Magic World a few years back. I somehow managed to mess up character generation in the review but the rest of it is still valid. It provides a good bit of info on Magic World. You can find it here. https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/16/16300.phtml
  17. rsanford

    MW vs. BGB - Differences / Comparison

    Chris, Do you happen to know if the magic systems described in The Magic Book is the same as that described in RuneQuest 6? I am laboring under the assumption that I don't need The Magic Book beause I have RQ6... BTW - Nice to see you on this site again. Been a while!
  18. rsanford

    MW vs. BGB - Differences / Comparison

    I think the answer is "it depends". The BGB can provide a complete roleplaying expereince but it's a toolbox that requires you to make a lot of decisions and select the elements you want for a complete game. MW doesn't present nearly so many options. Rather it is a single set of simplified BRP rules in a small volume. For me I got MW first, studied it thoroughly and then after running it for a while bought the BGB for some of its added details and rules. However it you start with the BGB I am not sure MW offers anything new. Really MW advantages is that is has packaged a single set of useful rules that are ready to go.
  19. rsanford

    Elric vs Magic World

    I think it is because Stormbringer is a great game to play. But you will want to pick up the other Stormbringer books too.
  20. Hey guys, I have been reading the Cyberpunk 2020 rules and I decided to check out Colin's BRP version. It's really good and I can see how BRP could easily replace the Cyberpunk's Interlock system. Has anyone here done anything with it? I have been talking about doing something for two years but since then I have watched Altered Carbon and the latest Bladerunner and it has got my interest up. Has anyone tried rolling their own Bladerunner or Altered Carbon.
  21. rsanford

    Content of Age of Treason Books v. RQ6 Thennla books?

    Anyone have feedback on Age of Treason?
  22. rsanford

    Colin Bret's Cyberpunk 2046

    Just in case you haven't seen Colin's work it can be found on this site at .
  23. rsanford

    Content of Age of Treason Books v. RQ6 Thennla books?

    Having Shores of Korantia I am also interested in Age of Treason and The Taskan Empire... But if I ever run them I will use Magic World rules rather than Mythras or Legend (Just to make it less crunchy). With that in mind how much of the Age of Treason and The Taskan Empire is setting and how much rules? I may well adapt some of the rules (like social rules) but I would be most interested in the setting material.
  24. rsanford

    Veteran Pregenerated Characters

    Magic World is our default game and we use its rules (sometimes modified with the big gold book) for nearly everything including horror, urban fantasy and pulp. It’s just the right amount of crunch!
  25. rsanford

    Veteran Pregenerated Characters

    Nice character! I love this game!