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  1. You're a good man Nick! I take back half the things I have said about you!
  2. It happens! You might try posting on yog-sothoth.com. Lots of people over there play DG.
  3. Thanks Raleel! Somehow I never realized you work for TDM. Great group of guys! I will make the order now, Ronnie
  4. Come with the PDF or do I need to put that in my cart seperate?
  5. I use Magic World as the base rule set. Its mostly Stormbringer rules with a little BGB mixed in.
  6. Isn’t the demon in Magic World originally from the BGB? Or was it from Stormbringer?
  7. Yeah Magic World is already super similar to CoC 6th edition and earlier so there’s really no work to be done. Just use the character creation rules for CoC. Nick I remember when your character had a bout of insanity and started shooting his gun in the car. You are great at roleplaying but I should have rolled to see if you hit someone!
  8. You won’t be disappointed with Stygian Fox. Everything they touch turns to gold!
  9. The version of Dark Streets linked was first edition. Here is the second edition -> https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/156813/Dark-Streets-2nd-Edition--Core-Rulebook
  10. One correction. With the latest edition of Dark Streets (2nd edition) you no longer need the Renaissance book.
  11. In Search of the Troll Slayer is really good. You can find it at https://www.chaosium.com/in-search-of-the-trollslayer/
  12. Thanks! I have been horribly tempted by some of those but I fear rebellion by my players...
  13. Are these totally hopeless / purist scenarios? I just ask because my group doesn’t care for that style as much.
  14. One other thing about Deep Magic. I am pretty sure @Nick J.expanded Deep Magic for his Dolmenwood game and I think he typed it up real nicely. You might want to ping him and see what he has...
  15. Now that I am thinking about it there is a rebuilt version of Deep Magic on this site. I have only skimmed it but it looks like pretty extensive changes. You can find it here ->
  16. Yeah, that's what I was trying to say! I am always unclear when I barely know what I am talking about 🙂
  17. I don't have OpenQuest but I have Magic World and have used it steadily for several years now. I have been told one difference between the two is that OpenQuest uses opposed rolls where Magic World uses the resistance table. Another difference is is the way weapons skills are handled. Magic World has a range of weapons you can gain skills in... I think OpenQuest has a lesser number of broader categories which you can gain skills in. You can find a review of Magic World here -> https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/16/16300.phtml
  18. I love your channel Bud! Always informative!
  19. If you are responding to my comment, RPOL.net supports lots of voice games (the majority from what I understand). I know when we were playing Scion we used RPOL for dice and Mumble for voice.
  20. I use renaissance pricing from the book “And a ten foot pole’.
  21. You might also try rpol. They have lots of different online games going.
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