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Life and Death


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You can make what you will of the brief description in Life and Death. One of the things me and my fellow OpenQuest authors got a bit fed up with was the whole idea of closed overly detailed fantasy worlds that tend to be produced these days. So we deliberately went the way that inspired us in the 80s/90s of more flavoursome but slightly fuzzy around the edges worlds.

That be said you are asking for the official line here ;)

Ok so in my version of of Inzom, there's a limited amount of rubbing shoulders with both the corporeal and incorporeal undead in the street, but by Inzom's Laws the dead have their places to live (in the Tomb areas and the vast and deep catacombs under the city) and the living have theirs. However there are exceptions to complicate maters. Like the House of the Wilting Flowers, whose noble family persished in the invasion of the city by the Iron Legions, but continiue to live on in the house, which is in an official Living District, as ghosts. There's a polite notice on the door saying that the family are happy for the living to make use of the house during the day, even eat the offerings that surviving family members leave on the old family altar, but once dusk falls only dead guests are welcome. There's also a whole licensing system for various undead servants (yes even House Zombies have rights in Inzom!) and their living counterparts who work in the Houses of the Dead. 

... i could go on but I'm currently writing the sequel to Life and Death which is based in Inzom :)

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Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

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