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The adventures of Deep Derik, Sword Sage of the Black Water Clan.


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So I thought I'd share my lego adventures of my favourite HQ Gloranthan character of late, who though relatively unused via HQ, has instead graced the dining room table and floors of my children's bedroom for many adventures.

Here we have our hapless hero, with his Pol Joni escort at an undisclosed oasis in Prax, prior to his return to Dundealos lands. Some how he's got his hands on chest loads of stuff and a Lunar officer that he's wondering what to do with....


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'Papers Please'
Some where on the borders of Prax...
"Of course my papers are in order Centurion...What's in the chests?...Er...Please accept this large donation to you and your soldiers' retirement fund..."

Shut up, I know what I'm doing 6W


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Nope. But one AD&D group that I visit occasionally uses smurfs instead of minis.

I would be most impressed if they were actually playing Smurfs.

I haven't used miniatures in rpg games since a teenager, though I now use Lego as a way to introduce my young kids to Glorantha, wargaming and tabletop rpgs.

We had Griselda's and Wolf head's scale model hideout in the Big Rubble as the centre of several games, the most fun being one that involved zombies.



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I would be most impressed if they were actually playing Smurfs.

Haven't done that since before I discovered that there were rules for an activity like roleplaying. I even have a stack of world building notes for those juvenile heroic games somewhere. That experience helped me a lot when using published rules, though.

As kids, my younger sister and I used the Lego city and railway stuff for projecting characters in a modern (well, 1970ies) world not really distinguishable from diceless roleplaying. We didn't have those moveable arms and legs back then, though.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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Don't lie, we've all been there...Plundering caravans for loot.


"So what's that?"

"Gondo Holst's Caravan"

"Are you sure?"

"Course I bloody well am!"

"Looks like Joh Mith to me"

"No it doesn't"

"Sold him the Sword by mistake didn't you?"

"Shut up....."


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