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So thank you to Trifletraxor for letting me have this sub forum to talk about Skaerune and Q21. I hope we get some great discussions going on here. 

So welcome to the Skaerune' forum and place for discussion. Skaerune' will be the first (and hopefully not last) d100 game by Reign Dragon Press. Q21 uses the OpenQuest SRD / OGL, which I found to be a great tool for organizing the game design and changes. Q21 will be significantly different than QpenQuest and the other d100 family members in a few areas, but still familiar to anyone who enjoys this genre of gaming. 

A Little About Reign Dragon Press

I have been tinkering and designing rpgs since I was 10. For a long time it was not serious, which is a shame considering I was growing up at a time when creative people were spawning all manner of games. So finally about 12 years ago I decided to make it a very serious pursuit. Life changes of course and so has the name and types of games I am designing. I am finally in a position in my life to be able really spend time working on these designs. 

Do not have a web site at the moment, but that should change soon. In the mean time I do have a blog were I ramble on about things. 

Reign Dragon Press

Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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