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A Whole Chapter on Item Creation


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So one of the big chapters I am working (slowly) on is the Smithing Chapter. I feel like it is very important to not just list some magic items and explain how to make them, but to make it important to the game. Much of that comes from the influence of the M. Scott Rohan's Winter of the World series, which has leaked (happily) into what I am doing with Skaerune'. Forging a weapon, even one without any magical abilities will be a powerful symbol in the world. Actually finding such an item will be rare, but finding instructions or special materials for doing so will be part of treasures. 

One fundamental difference I have enjoyed if the difference between something that has magic in it or something that is inherently magical. I am less inclined towards the latter as those should be unique and rare indeed. 

Magic Items

Spiral Magic. Requires a Craft Iron or Copper of at least 60%. Craft Leather 50%. Craft Wood for spears and bows and wood carvings, 60%. Also requires a Tattoo skill of 75%, so a Master at the art of making the spell matrices. I think the purity (potency) of the material used would set the limit on total number of magic points worth of Weirds OR in the case of Fetishes, how many magic points it an hold. For Spiral Magic, the roll to activate would be based on the POW of the creator, not the user. So it would be a set number not dependent on the POW of the user. 

Soul Magic. These would be artifacts and relics. They would have to have been touched by the god they are dedicated to (or designed to oppose). i.e. The Old One Bob once sneezed on this tree. Its bark and wood and leaves have been "blessed" by Bob. It would not even require craftng, but a high Ritual skill and the sacrifice of power. Conditions would have to be set for its use - Only by worshipers of the god; only by those opposed to the god; only by fish people etc.. 

Sorcery. This is where it gets complicated. An object that has a Sorcery spell on it vs. one that is powered by sorcery vs. one that has a soul or creature bound in it vs. one that is a creature. Speaking of...

Crow Demons. The crow demons are malevolent tricksters who delight in turning themselves into objects and letting others work chaos and evil through them. They happily support any action that creates conflict even if destroys others who pursue chaos. 

So far these are just some ideas. I am not 100% sold on anything yet other than that this will be a major part of the specific setting of Skaerune'. 




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Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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So I admit I really like this bit.

Special Note: Synergy in Sorcery & Item Creation

There are some special things to take note of when Sorcerers assist one another. A sorcerer can cast a spell and gain assistance from another sorcerer or two. These sorcerers do not have to know the same spell as the main caster. Instead they lend their knowledge of sorcery using their Sorcery skill.

In the creation of items of power, it is also possible to give assistance in the Imbuing stage. Those who know the right Songs can assist the one forging the item with their Singing skill. In this case however, they MUST know the correct song ritual being used.

Item creation will appear in the full Skaerune' rules.

Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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