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The Sea, The Sea – Gloranthan Ships for RQ6


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The Sea, The Sea – Gloranthan Ships for RQ6

Glorantha has inspired a largish variety of ships and maritime vessels over time. Most of the sources are out of print, out of date or incomplete. Some of them are not even canon anymore. I decided to gather all of the ships and maritime vessels that have been published and update them to the latest of the ship rules - the gem of a rulebook called Ships & Shieldwalls for RQ6.

Here are the ships The list contains also the physical size information about the ships that has been gathered from all the source material or extrapolated from other ships.

The full list is here

  • Raft, Small
    Rowing Boat
    War Canoe
    Small Fishing Boat or Ski
    Raft, Large
    Reed Galley
    River Transport
    Viking Longboat
    Small Merchantman/Cog
    Small Galley
    Medium Merchantman
    Large Merchantman
    Grain Transport
    Kareeshtu Warsail
    Dwarf Floating Castle
    Elf Gallegas
    Kobaya Support Ship
    Large Cog
    Maslo Catamaran
    Seki-Bune Pirateship
    Waertagi Fastship
    Wolf Pirate Penteconter
    Kralori Barge
    Black Galley
    Haragalan Tallship (New)
    Haragalan Tallship (Old)
    Haragalan Tallship (Very Old)
    Dragonewt Skeletal Ship
    Submersible Sharkboat
    Luvatan Merchant
    Ratuki Requiem Galley
    Haragalan Merchant
    Dhow- small
    Fonritian Sambuk
    Dwarven Submarine
    Vadeli Merchant Ship

Feedback welcome.


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