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    I played D&D in the 1980s, then switched to Elric! for my long running (20 years+) campaign set in Fritz Leiber's World of Nehwon. I've also played some Call of Cthulhu, mostly as referee. Recently I've been a player in a friend's BRP Classic Fantasy campaign. Other games I've played or refereed are: Cyberpunk, Deadlands, Dragon Warriors, Gamma World, Maelstrom, Mechwarrior, Paranoia, Recon, RIFTS, Shadowrun and Traveller
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    Still intermittently running my twenty year old Nehwon campaign with Elric! and some BRP rules (Classic Fantasy, Swords of Cydoria, Rubble and Ruin), also playing in other BRP campaigns, as well as a Dragon Warriors and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I roleplay once a month currently.
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  1. Questbird

    Random Question

    The Alchemist does have Air spells..
  2. Questbird

    Random Question

    I'm just about to start the Kingdom and Commonwealth campaign, so War Torn England it is for me. My players have a Puritan (but also Noble) spy, an ambitious Alchemist and a Warlock.
  3. Questbird

    No love for crushing?

    I like simple yet effective rules like this.
  4. Questbird

    What is a Demon?

    Anything weird and magical could be called a demon by superstitious locals, including undead but on the more powerful scale you could include elder gods etc, such as your average cult shrine demon, ranging up to Nyarlathotep or Cthulhu -- super powered science-fictional beings with godlike powers. It sort of depends on religiousness of your campaign too. In the Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe and also in Chronicles of Future Earth, 'demons' are aliens or interdimensional beings; but in paintings by Hieronymous Bosh, demons have a religious or moral function of punishment. Having said all that, I use demons only for magic in my campaign, when I use them at all, and I just explain them as amoral other-dimensional beings with needs that seem to us bizarre, obscene, dangerous or all three.
  5. Questbird

    So does anybody remember Hawkmoon? ElfQuest?

    There was a Hawkmoon game released by Mongoose related to their Runequest release. I think it was pretty much a standalone game.
  6. Questbird

    Hurrah to demon objects!

    The implication was that in those Misty Mountain tunnels there was more chance that it would be picked up by an Orc than by Bilbo Baggins, and therefore more chance of getting straight back to Sauron. The One Ring has a kind of evil intelligence but is still a fairly passive artifact. It's still a ring, not a robot.
  7. Questbird

    Fixing Blood Tide

    It's an interesting settin but it's not exactly sword and sorcery. It would require some effort to make it so. There are black-powder guns, pirates, voudou. Classic swords and sorcery generally represents all sorcery as evil and profane. Voudou as described in this book is not entirely that.
  8. Questbird

    Chronicles of Future Earth

    Cosmic Fantasy is closer to the mark than Science-Fantasy for this one. I have the BRP original but haven't managed to use anything from it yet.
  9. Questbird

    Hurrah to demon objects!

    Like the One Ring!
  10. Questbird


    Areas such as battlefields, mass graves, medical schools and cemeteries (possibly only unconsecrated ones) would be locations where Necromancers could get the most 'raw material' for their spells. Perhaps the spells could animate all in a particular area (or all who fought and died in a particular battle) for a single POW investment. A budding Necromancer wanting an army of undead would need to research and seek out such places. I like using situational or strategic magic systems where the spellcasters need to plan ahead. Certainly an 'army of undead' is not some random occurrence in fantasy films or literature, but a planned and dangerous exercise of power.
  11. Questbird

    The big list of D100 settings

    Fortunately Harnmaster isn't really necessary to enjoy Harn. I've played it with Maelstrom and Dragon Warriors; and BRP would be pretty easy too. Before Harnmaster the Harn world was envisioned as system-agnostic. From what I've seen of Harnmaster it has percentage rolls and levels of success, but I don't have the game so can't add more.
  12. Questbird

    Hurrah to demon objects!

    But POW can be gained back in various ways, eg. POW:POW struggles on the Resistance Table.
  13. Questbird

    The big list of D100 settings

    I agree. When I look at games or adventures to buy there is a certain calculus required as to how easy it will be to incorporate it into my favourite Elric! campaign. Some systems do provide that 'conversion chart'. I remember seeing a Rolemaster -> Runequest conversion chart in one of their supplements for example. Even between 'close relative' modern BRP systems such as OpenQuest, Mythras, Runequest and d100 Revolution there are subtle (albeit minor) frictions that make it harder to just 'pick up and play' an adventure from one of the others. Fixed armour or variable? Hit locations or no? Different names for equivalent skills (Spot, , spot hidden, search etc.) or skills separated in one system but combined in the other (eg attack and parry skills in RQ3). But it will still be easier to use any of those than an adventure designed for Savage Worlds, D&D5e or, dare I say it, Aftermath.
  14. Questbird

    The big list of D100 settings

    In that case you could include Fire and Sword by Ray Turney, one of the original Chaosium designers of RuneQuest. It's 'published' on this BRP site, in the Downloads section, but it is a complete fantasy game with roll-under d20 skills and many other interesting innovations such as hitpointless combat and social mechanics.
  15. Questbird

    Fixing Blood Tide

    PDF just doesn't cope with books well. It's fine for things like printable character sheets and reference tables.