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    I played D&D in the 1980s, then switched to Elric! for my long running (20 years+) campaign set in Fritz Leiber's World of Nehwon. I've also played some Call of Cthulhu, mostly as referee. Recently I've been a player in a friend's BRP Classic Fantasy campaign. Other games I've played or refereed are: Cyberpunk, Deadlands, Dragon Warriors, Gamma World, Maelstrom, Mechwarrior, Paranoia, Recon, RIFTS, Shadowrun and Traveller
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    Still intermittently running my twenty year old Nehwon campaign with Elric! and some BRP rules (Classic Fantasy, Swords of Cydoria, Rubble and Ruin), also playing in other BRP campaigns, as well as a Dragon Warriors and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I roleplay once a month currently.
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  1. I remember seeing this one in a store back in the 90s and I was sorely tempted but even then it was very expensive (probably justified by its size) and I hadn't been playing enough Call of Cthulhu to justify it. I did regret not buying it; it disappeared from print soon afterwards. Nice to see it is back and who knows, maybe I'll pick it up now. (I have been playing -- extremely slowly -- my way through the old Curse of Cthulhu campaign. I started in 2004.)
  2. Check out Fire and Sword By one of Runequest's original designers RayTurney. It has many interesting ideas including using the d20, hitpointless combat, abstracted cost-of-living and ways to track reputation and favours with different organisations. I learned a lot from reading Mr Turney's design notes for the game.
  3. I ran Troubled Waters from River of Cradles as my first Runequest adventure. I started Borderlands later but by then the characters had no interest in working for Duke Raus. We completed the first adventure, then transported far away via a mystic portal from Horn Gate. I've got Dorastor: Land of Doom but I've never run it and it looks like it is designed to slaughter PCs (think Tomb of Horrors in AD&D). So probably not such a great choice for a first adventure, if that's what you meant.
  4. If you want subtle magic, the Maelstrom system is excellent. It's hard for outsiders to tell if an effect is the result of magick, or a freak of nature. It's also great because it is situational and makes the spell caster think about their situation and timing. A spell to kill all of your enemies with lightning bolts is easier to cast on top of a tor in the middle of a howling storm than in a cellar underground. As for power level, there are many natural effects which can be very powerful. The Maelstrom system is all about modifying the likelihood of things occurring. Only 'impossible' things
  5. In my Lankhmar low-magic campaign I use a combination of Maelstrom freeform magick and Rolemaster Spell Law, where each list of spells is counted as a skill. The Spell Law spells are generally less powerful than the D&D ones. Between Spell Law and the Maelstrom system I can accommodate a wide diversity of spell casters. In fact no two are alike, which is as I like it.
  6. It is certainly an excellent super-hero comic, one of the best. In it Mr Gaiman manages, by transplanting them from modern USA to 17th century England, to reveal the unchanged essence of these superheroes.
  7. Yeah The Green and Swords of Cydoria were two of my favourite monograph settings too (also Rubble and Ruin).
  8. I've refereed one session on roll20. It wasn't BRP (it was Coriolis) but I can give my impressions of how it works. The interface is a bit clunky but usable. There's a central visible screen (as described below) with a sidebar. The main bit of this sidebar you'll use is the chat window where you roll dice etc, but there's also a 'journal' section which has all of the character sheets and a 'jukebox' which lets you play sound effects and music. I was interested in this bit -- why not use the advantages of an online platform as well as enduring the disadvantages? You can also use the 'setti
  9. Unfortunately true about the Stone Age roleplaying (I bought Land of Ice and Stone, BTW). There are interesting rpg settings, and there are the ones your players will agree to play in..
  10. Magic World's main claim to fame was that it was the closest thing to Elric! that was in print at the time. My main campaign is a Nehwon swords and sorcery game using Elric! rules. I have two copies of that game, and my friends have a couple more. I didn't really need to buy Magic World (though I did anyway).
  11. I'm about to start a Coriolis game on Roll20. It will be the first time I've used the platform as a GM (I have played D&D there this year).
  12. M-Space has this Special Effect, which is basically suppressive fire: * in M-Space Willpower is a skill which begins at POWx2 BRP doesn't have Special Effects, which you gain from a difference in success levels between attacker and defender. However you could have a BRP attacker announce a Pin Down attack in their declaration. For each defender with lower DEX rank in the attacker's line of fire, make a check as described above. This costs one clip of ammunition, regardless of the outcome for regular firearms. For weapons designed for this kind of thing like rapid fire miniguns etc
  13. I think I missed Leviathan and Twilight's Peak but I remember playing Annic Nova and The Chamax Plague.
  14. Not that it's not interesting, but Magic Systems in BRP is some way off topic from "D&D vs BRP".
  15. I started young. My older brother was given Holmes D&D and we didn't know what it was. I found other gamers at primary and high school, and some others along the way. We had time to play for many hours in those days. I ended up GMing more often than not. I wasn't so confident with my own stuff as a kid so we played many pre-made adventures. I stuck with various incarnations of D&D and Traveller for years, but tried Gamma World and Paranoia and some others. Later I got into Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk and Shadowrun. It wasn't till the 90s that I picked up Elric! and was so amazed. F
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