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    I played D&D in the 1980s, then switched to Elric! for my long running (20 years+) campaign set in Fritz Leiber's World of Nehwon. I've also played some Call of Cthulhu, mostly as referee. Recently I've been a player in a friend's BRP Classic Fantasy campaign. Other games I've played or refereed are: Cyberpunk, Deadlands, Dragon Warriors, Gamma World, Maelstrom, Mechwarrior, Paranoia, Recon, RIFTS, Shadowrun and Traveller
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    Still intermittently running my twenty year old Nehwon campaign with Elric! and some BRP rules (Classic Fantasy, Swords of Cydoria, Rubble and Ruin), also playing in other BRP campaigns, as well as a Dragon Warriors and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I roleplay once a month currently.
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  1. Bundle of Holding: Why Mythras?

    Reader, I bought it.
  2. Swords of Cydoria. WOW

    This BRP monograph also got re-worked/re-released as 'Exiled in Eris' (no longer quite BRP, since that doesn't really exist anymore). Great setting though. http://www.pigames.net/store/default.php?cPath=130 And the scenario which was included in the original (The City in the Mirage, which I've just finished running) is available from there too.
  3. Swords of Cydoria. WOW

    I'm currently playing the Blade of Takasha, the followup adventure.
  4. Figuring out "Scanners" type powers

    I just read Jack Vance's story Nopalgarth. It's not a well-known one but it has some relevance to this thread. An Earthman is abducted by aliens who seem to be torturing members of the losing side of a war. The aliens strap him down too. He passes out and they explain that they've removed a psychic parasite from his brain, as they have done to all the survivors of their war. They then send him back to Earth. He realises that everyone else has one of these psychic parasites attached to their heads. His mission is to cleanse the Earth of these parasites. There's more but here's some salient points for our discussion of the psychic genre: Everyone on Earth has a psychic parasite attached to their heads, but they can't see it or anyone else's. The psychic parasite affects its host's emotions, and suppresses psionic powers. Only those without a parasite can see them (and be seen by them). People without a parasite may have improved psychic powers BUT everyone with a parasite suddenly views them with mistrust, malice, hatred, repugnance, suspicion -- fed to them by the parasite. The only way the aliens know to remove the parasite is a sort of electric torture device which causes such pain to the subject that the parasite can be detached and crushed like an eggshell in a bag made from a psychic material made from dead parasites. Attempts to remove the parasite without this method result in the death of the host. Furthermore, the parasites are ambient, and they can re-attach to a naked brain after a month or so, so the process needs to be repeated. So we have a classic psi-paranoia setup. The few who have no parasite (the psionics) are hated and persecuted irrationally by those with the parasite, who don't know that they are infected. They see only suspicious, deranged and malignant characters intent on abducting and torturing normal citizens. And those with the psionic powers know the truth, but can't trust any parasite-infected human -- they need to isolate and 'convert' new followers. And the psionics can't just kill the normals, because they know their malignancy is not their fault. Paranoia and seeing things other people can't see is not generally well-regarded in our society, so the mental asylums might be full of psionics who have been captured (as well as actual crazy people).
  5. Dorastor: Land of Doom

    My introduction to Prax was River of Cradles, which I picked up bundled with Dorastor and RQ3, having never played any of them. River of Cradles is a nice intro to the area other than Borderlands (doesn't require players to be mercenaries) and has an adventure which spans the whole river area. I've not been tempted to play Dorastor yet.
  6. Figuring out "Scanners" type powers

    Psi Corps in Babylon 5 is an example of g33k's 'psi vs psi'. Its enemies are the 'free' psychics, whose lives it tries to make worse until they join. Psi Corps is part of the establishment. Xavier's X Men vs. Magneto's mutants; each of these non-governmental organisations tries to recruit any newly discovered mutants to its cause. (Not quite the same idea as g33k's).
  7. Discussing Alone Against the Dark

    I played this one as a sort of semi-GM'ed experience. That is, I ran one player through and made a few judgement calls throughout which maybe slightly relaxed the constraints of the CYOA style, though sticking with the book rules as much as possible. That said, my player did finish it successfully. He used the supplied characters. I think he went through one or two of them before he succeeded -- he did get caught by a couple of the Mwa-haha moments you mention. It is a harsh scenario. He won as I recall, by short-circuiting a lot of the later parts of the book, but that was his adventure.
  8. Figuring out "Scanners" type powers

    Julian May's Intervention is the bridging novel between the Many Colored Land series (mentioned by soltakss above) and her Galactic Milieu trilogy. 'Intervention' is set on Earth where psychics are starting to appear, and using their powers for good or bad.
  9. Figuring out "Scanners" type powers

    I haven't but would be interested.
  10. Figuring out "Scanners" type powers

    I enjoyed the Tomorrow People as a kid. They were supposed to be incorruptible homo superiors, but I remember an episode where a new Tomorrow Person 'came out' and seemed to be involved in criminal activities which "should have been impossible". I picked up a copy of the game Psi World from the 80s which has a similar idea, but it so thin on setting that I don't really know why they bothered. It basically just listed a whole lot of psychic powers, which were more like D&D spells really. Disappointing. One theme of these 'persecuted psychics' games is that there are always organisations which seek to control those with the special powers, even if they aren't well understood. Examples: Babylon 5 - psi corps, a sort of nazi kindergarten for 'registered' psychics; punishes those which aren't registered to maintain monopoly control Dr Xavier's school for Mutants and Magneto's 'we are the next level' mutant group are similarly protective and political; they want to recruit mutants (exclusiively if possible) as well as help them The Tomorrow People with their underground base and psychedelic computer are also a (very small) cult group which protects and recruits new psychics, who occasionally have a very traumatic 'coming out' when they are effectively kidnapped by jaunting Tomorrow People. There are interesting themes to explore here. And there are usually criminal or government groups which don't understand but can see the utility/danger of these people.
  11. Monster World Character Sheets

    Hehe, except I had in mind Yet Another Fantasy BRP.
  12. Monster World Character Sheets

    The character sheets look cool, but why wouldn't you just use one of the many excellent generic fantasy BRP variants including: Elric!/Stormbringer Magic World Or if you are one of the crazy ones who prefers their rules to be currently in print, what about OpenQuest Revolution D100 Mythras Classic Fantasy Legend or even Fire and Sword rather than making YAFBRP (there you go, a free name idea for it!)
  13. Chronicles of Future Earth

    I have it and liked some ideas but I found it weighed too much on the 'fantasy' side of science-fantasy. Swords of Cydoria was more my cup of tea. It's one of those games I wanted to use some ideas from, but never found a way to do it.
  14. How do you create NPC's

    Some BRP-like games provide some pregenerated NPC templates like 'Merchant', 'Guard' or 'Soldier'. Elric does this, as does Swords of Cydoria, and they are a good addition to any setting book. So it can be pretty easy --and especially, quick, to find the kind of NPC you are looking for, tweak the stats a bit or change the weapon/armour combination. Like Chaot says, you don't need to roll stats you don't need. Another one I quite like is a sort of classification of skill ranges eg. 01-20 Poor 21-40 Average 41-70 Good 71-90 Very Good 90-100 Excellent 101+ Master (usually assigned rather than randomly rolled for NPCs) Then you can say Knarth of Kelgar is Good with the cudgel and a Very Good blacksmith, but Poor at fast talking. It's a bit like FATE but with a quick description like that you can randomise the exact skill level later with a d20/d20/d30/d20/d10 etc As for stats I just roll 3d6 straight for all NPCs (well, maybe 2d6+6 for SIZ), and only if I need to know.
  15. Experience Checks

    I've never encountered 'tick hunting' in my games so I don't bother to penalize it. I also have only one session monthly so I don't mind at all if players have multiple experience checks per session. I allow an experience check for any skill tested against during the session, and if it succeeds the skill increases by 1d10. In addition I give an automatic and immediate 1 point bonus to a skill on a fumble or a roll of 01.