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    I played D&D in the 1980s, then switched to Elric! for my long running (20 years+) campaign set in Fritz Leiber's World of Nehwon. I've also played some Call of Cthulhu, mostly as referee. Recently I've been a player in a friend's BRP Classic Fantasy campaign. Other games I've played or refereed are: Cyberpunk, Deadlands, Dragon Warriors, Gamma World, Maelstrom, Mechwarrior, Paranoia, Recon, RIFTS, Shadowrun and Traveller
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    Still intermittently running my twenty year old Nehwon campaign with Elric! and some BRP rules (Classic Fantasy, Swords of Cydoria, Rubble and Ruin), also playing in other BRP campaigns, as well as a Dragon Warriors and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I roleplay once a month currently.
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  1. Questbird

    The big list of D100 settings

    Swords of Cydoria is a great pulp/science fantasy setting, which was released as a monograph for Chaosium and later as a separate game called Exiled in Eris. You have others in your list which are no longer in print, so you should include Swords of Cydoria. I still play it!
  2. Questbird

    Return of the Homely Pilgrim

    Yeah I'm still playing Elric! and that hasn't been supported for years. I have two copies, which helps to reduce wear. Plus I only play about once a month. 😥
  3. Questbird

    Character Generator

    OK I haven't done any work on this for a while now and must admit that it's a dead (or at least not alive) project. There are a few other things around for RQ. I think Hkokko has an encounter generator. I was getting close to a 'generic' character generator which could account for the differences between Magic World, BRP, Mythras etc which are small but slightly annoying. I still think an online thing would be more useful than a run-on-<fill in your OS platform here> application. And Python seems to be the language of choice for many BRPers.
  4. Questbird

    What price for Dune?

    I think there was a 'Maula pistol' or some such; some kind of slow dart weapon. Remember the hunter-seeker? Maybe some sort of short range self-guided projectile might be usable against a shielded user, though it certainly wouldn't be good etiquette.
  5. Questbird

    What price for Dune?

    I like simpler systems. How about these principles: Shield Fighting skill is added to weapon skill when attacking a shielded opponent An activated shield blocks all fast-moving ranged weapons An activated shield makes parrying or dodging melee attacks Easy for the defender Medium and Long melee weapons are Difficult to use against a shield
  6. Questbird

    What price for Dune?

    Yeah I was going off-topic a bit and just saluting creators who have exited this planet.
  7. Questbird

    What price for Dune?

    I would love to see BRP Dune, but there is a long history of licensed properties not mixing well with RPGs. The license holders are always trying to maximise their profits, and can raise licence fees on the slightest pretext. RPG companies don't make a whole lotta dough in general. It's not a match made in heaven. I think the old days of the Tolkien licence being granted to Iron Crown Enterprises because they were the first to ask nicely, or the Lankhmar rights given to Greg Stafford (and TSR at the same time, oops) by the author -- are gone. A BRP Tékumel would also be nice, but its rights holders, along with the remaining copyright floggers of R E Howard (Conan) and Edgar Rice Burroughs (Barsoom) and Dune can still cause problems. (A brief pause to remember and salute some outstanding world builders 😢) Hyboria: R. E. Howard (d. 1936) Barsoom: Edgar Rice Burroughs (d. 1950) Middle-Earth: J. R. R. Tolkien (d. 1973) Dune: Frank Herbert (d. 1986) Lankhmar/Nehwon: Fritz Leiber (d. 1992) Hârn: N. Robin Crossby (d. 2008) Tékumel: M.A.R. Barker (d. 2012) Lyonesse: Jack Vance (d. 2013) Earthsea: Ursula LeGuin (d. 2018)
  8. Questbird

    BRP Amber?

    You could try a hitpointless system. In the system I use for Swords of Cydoria you use the Resistance table to stay conscious and able to fight after a blow; only after the fight do you see how badly wounded you actually are. For a couple of Amberites with high stats, say STR 30, SIZ 13, CON 30 POW ??* armed with rapiers (1d6+2) and 2d6 damage bonus it would work like this: Eric hits Corwin and he fails to parry. Corwin must make a resistance roll 50% + ((Resilience – damage) x 5%) where Resilience = Corwin's HP* and damage = (max. weapon damage + max. damage bonus - Corwin's armour rating) That is (to summarise the resistance table result): 50% +((22 - (8+12)) x5%) = 60% to keep on fighting. Corwin definitely got a 'nick' though. The resistance table approach works well for similarly sized opponents, so would scale for your superpowered Amberites. We've already discussed fighting oversized opponents with this system. * My system uses a new stat called Resilience which is average of (STR, CON, and POW) instead of HP (avg of STR and CON) but the HP number works OK too, especially for NPCs. I imagine the Amberites would be well endowed with POW.
  9. Questbird

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    The latest owners I think are Goodman Games, who have just run a mammoth Dungeon Crawl Classics kickstarter to produce canonical Lankhmar and Nehwon adventures. My main campaign is set in Nehwon so I collect all Leiber RPG resources I hear of. Here's the latest news from them: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1409961192/dcc-lankhmar/posts/2238326?ref=backer_project_update
  10. Questbird

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    I'm excited by Lyonesse, which actually is forthcoming for Mythras. I use Nehwon (Fafhrd/Gray Mouser) as my BRP world and I love and recommend it, but Jack Vance's Lyonesse is a great mix of historical, fantastic and fey, a little like Legend from Dragon Warriors (where I've also played some BRP games). Jack Vance was very likely an inspiration for Dave Morris in creating Legend anyway.
  11. Questbird

    Recommend a Dungeon Crawl

    The Caverns of Thracia by (at that time) Paul Jacquays was a pretty good D&D module in the way you describe (originally Judges Guild). The Dyksund Caverns from Shadows on the Borderlands (RQ3) is a dangerous dungeon with a real spelunking feel.
  12. Questbird

    Chronicles of Future Earth Campaign

    Your idea seems as good as any. If it's a biological substance then to craft it might need a mold or casing (perhaps some other insectoid carapace), or it might need to be 'pruned' or encouraged to grow in one way or another. That encouragement could be some sort of low level psychic power (instead of sunlight). Maybe the spider folk keep their young above the alagin pits; and the alagin grows toward 'life'.
  13. Questbird

    Opinions on Damage

    I've been using a hitpointless system* for my Swords of Cydoria campaign. It's been quite successful for a swords + blasters game, and it doesn't rely on a huge number of charts (just the Resistance Table). Nor does it use hit locations. A successful resistance roll vs damage basically means a flesh wound or graze; in other words no game effect. * It uses the Resistance table: ((CON + SIZ + POW) / 3) VS. ((max weapon damage + max damage bonus) - armour) Success - OK to fight Fail - knocked out of the fight -- find out how wounded you are afterwards More info -- search for 'hitpoint-less' on this forum.
  14. Questbird

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    That's true. The demon weapons and armour were more accessible than in the stories. Elric (via his Ruby Throne bloodline) had various historical pacts with demons and elementals but they didn't get bound to weapons and armour. Stormbringer, arguably the most powerful 'bound demon' was never really under anyone's control.
  15. Questbird

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    I liked the totally random characters and the deadly combat. Any group of PCs, if they lived long at all, would end up missing limbs, fingers and toes. The random characters -- well I can see how you might feel ripped off if you have a Nadsokorian beggar while someone else is a Pan Tangian or Melnibonean anything. However I did like the sense of being given a character with only a bit of choice and having to play that character, instead of min-maxing and futzing around with points to 'build' your ultimate Cool character. (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay has something of the same vibe.)