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My session in Poland

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Hi everybody. I've just finished my first session and we ended up after Day 2 (after 1st day of folkloring and digging). My players had loads of fun playing students, cause usually they play old scientists, and now they had laughs while trying to buy some moonshine from Joe Harlow, listening to Sarah's Shade story from Cutter or trying to flirt with the local teacher.

And I wanted to share some photos, if I may.



I thought handing in these is much better than showing on a screen, so I prepared them myself (after translating to polish)


And this is one of my players receiving the kid's drawing "What a freak this kid is" :)


And this is how we saw Cobb's Corners' map. We have a projector on the ceiling.


Looks much better than printed, doesn't it?

I hope you guys enjoyed it. It was a great session, can't wait for the next one.

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10 hours ago, trevlix said:

Very cool. Any chance you have pics on how your area is set up with the projector and such? Would love to see it!

Of course. I made a film about it. It's in polish, but the idea is just to see my GamingRoom ("Gralnia" in polish). You can see how it looked like, and how it looks like after 3 months of changes.

1:08 - How it first looked like
3:20 - How it looks like now.
9:35 - Player's space
13:45 - GM's space
15:00 - Projector
15:33 - lights
28:06 - Dice Tower (very cool stuff)
28:57 - projector presentation


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And the second episode went almost TERRIBLY wrong :( for the players of course.

Only one of them agreed to go to meet Block at the Hangman's Hill (cemetery). His friends were hinding in the fog, they didn't hear a thing what Block said. In the escape scene TWO investigators got shot - one who knew about mi-go and their plan. He died because of getting shot from an electric gun. So the other PCs had no clue of a coming attack on the library and the lab.

Amnesia - in the total chaos my PCs managed to stop the agents from stealing the books but again another investigator got killed from a mist projector.

Books save, half of library burnt, Pasqualium taken, proferos Learmonth left with no brain. PCs didn't even get to the wood house.

My conclusion - the mi-go weapons are very powerful and the whole campaign is... how to put it... murderous? deadly?

1. episode - 2 casualties (became agents)
2. episode - 3 casualties (one frozen, two electrified)

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