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Episode 3 - possible corrections

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1 hour ago, Insanity said:

I was reading through Episode 3 and seen that the Player's Handouts in Episode 2 end at #12, and in Episode 3, the handouts start at #11.

I assume they are to be in numerical order as they were from Episode 1 and Episode 2.

Thanks - do please keep the corrections coming on this thread!

We can correct the PDF, and of course all corrections, typos, edits etc will be considered for when we produce A Time to Harvest in complete book format after the campaign has concluded.

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p.7, col 2, para 6, line 2, "Abelard’s right-hand" should be for consistency "Abelard's Personal Secretary"

p.11, col 2, para 3, line 2.  "Drake" should be "Matherson"

p,.23 map.  "Centre Chretien Evangelique" is on the map, but there is no description in all the text.  So, I've had to figure out that this is the church Father Dubois runs in addition to the YMCFC.

p. 23 map.  It would be nice to note where Anthony Cornett's previous employer is located.  e.g. the Mill that Anthony Cornett worked at and any accompanying text for the mill.

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p. 13, col 2, line 8, "as if the doctor was talking to himself", should be "herself " as it is established it is Matherson.

p. 16, col 2, Deep One bodies are stated as being found by an expedition to China, conflicts with earlier statements re Andes.


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p 15 - (mi-go interview). Shouldn't he say "Release us" instead of "Release me"? Since he's been using plural since the beginning.

p 17 - do we need the 01 effect? Since it's the same as "passed"?

p 24 - It is written: In French, below the face, it says: Do you know this man? Nathan Roche, age unknown. Please contact Detective
Degarmo at La Tuque Police Station. The investigators can easily steal the sketch from the wall, presuming the desk sergeant is distracted.

I would suggest sepperating the text, cause it looks like the part "The investigators can easily steal the sketch from the wall, presuming the desk sergeant is distracted." is also written on the poster.

p 28 - "so many men passing through this doors hat he can’t quite place him." - (that)

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